Which def to start

New season and need your help guys

Which def would u start this week

Miami vs pats
Pats at dolphins
Eagles at lions
Titans vs jags
Washington vs jags

Thanks so much

Miami vs the Pats. Miami has one of the better Ds this year, and if the preseason impression is true, the Pats will struggle to get a lot going offensively.

But to be honest, picking Ds in weeks 1-3 of a new season is always a lottery.

I’d go with the Eagles. They built a pretty stout defense this year. I love their d-line!

Thanks as always guys and good luck

Titans at home vs Giants #1. Run, run, run on both sides, short game and Giants are bad.

Wash is #2.

THIS week only.

A week 2 stash would be Rams as a top pick for the week and season. Most have ignore them as first game vs Buff is not good but “project early” as the #1 D by a number of analysts.

Probly either the Titans or Washington, since between the two of them, they should be more than a match for the Jaguars.

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