Week 16 DST query?

Which is a better option for week 16?

Broncos vs Patriots

Eagles vs Giants

Browns @ Texans

Denver for me. I also love Buff vs LAC and then Pats the next week.
I added them last week.

Ok thanks!..I am tempted to play Eagles but they have been pretty bad defensively since their bye…so Broncos is probably the right play.

Denver for sure. But a lot of leagues score differently… I say DEN because of the likelihood they hold NE to few points/yards. If you have crazy bonuses for sacks / TFL / etc. Philly could be worth it. Giants have been playing better, tho, and Philly banged up.

I like Denver too over the others.

In our league DSTs start with 10 pts and then we have negative marking for yards and points given away…2 pts for INT, fumble recovery etc. and 1 pt for a sack…