Week 13 defense query

I have Eagles and Rams for this week 13…any suggestions who would be a better play??

All must win games for making the playoffs…

Eagles are tempting here, but…Jalen is “hurts” (pun woefully intended). He might not play, and that means the Eagles DST could be in a bad spot here, even against the awful Jets.

That said, the Rams defense has been pretty awful most of the year. Nothing like Jaguars to make you feel better?

I would lean towards the Rams here, mainly because they are in a must-win game against a really bad team.

Ok…thanks! I am going to roll with the Rams as they are at home …Just hoping Von Miller and Donald do their thing.

The Rams DST wasn’t terrible at all this year, but they had a very tough schedule. In their easier matchups, they delivered. They have their best matchup this week. Start them without hesitation.

The Eagles are good as well. I’m actually starting them, as my other option would be the Bills. But the Rams are the better of 2 good options here.