Bar topic: Chubb or Gibson or Harris?

You’re sitting on a bar stool, and the guy next to you asks, “Ok, so who’s better in fantasy football this year: Nick Chubb or Antonio Gibson or Najee Harris?”

“Why, the one who is not mired in a committee, of course!” you retort.

If he looks at you funny, give him another hint: “You know, the all-time leading rusher at Alafreakingbama!”

“The former Scouts, Rivals, and ESPN #1 prospect coming out of high school…? Any of this ringing a bell?”

And then you just finish your drink. Hey, you tried. You don’t have to hold everyone’s hand.

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Harris, even though his o-line is a concern. Chubb isn’t too far behind, but his lack of air targets damages his value in half and full PPR.

In Washington, I don’t think McKissic will be as involved in the passing game as he was in 2020. But those targets will be soaked up by Curtis Samuel, who showed in 2020 that he can also play as a backfield receiver, and even racked up 41 carries in Carolina.

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