Aj brown and amon ra for diggs

Hi, I’m thinking of offering aj brown and amon ra for diggs, I already have jjettas and can either start mike will or Godwin at flex. Currently worried about amon ra and his ROS performance, let me know what u guys think

I think you should be taken into the custody of the court and not allowed to make any decisions without approval from a guardian.


That’s not a good trade. The person receiving them is gettin the better deal. Hope you didn’t make the trade

Can you please join my league next year to make the same kind of offer to me?

I think it is silly and I am being polite.

Lol I looked it over and I’m definitely crazy don’t worry, just worried af about amon ra for some reason

Oh bro for sure!!! In all seriousness I looked over the trade and am realizing how crazy I am, having Jefferson aj brown and amon ra all starting is fcking nuts

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Don’t worry I didn’t, I realized it’s stupid and just mean acting out of panic for amon ra, what would suggest I do with him moving forward

Top pick Jameson Williams is expected from IR in week 7 and could take targets away and/or take coverage away. The kid is a manster talent,

Solution for you- have a beer or 20, chill and enjoy the show. :slight_smile:

I’ve got a PPR league with Jefferson, Diggs and Amon-Ra, and I’m first in the standings at 3-1 with the most total points scored.

I was thinking of offering Diggs and Amon-Ra for AJ Brown…

Well that’s comforting, are you implying I should just chill on amon? :joy:

I can’t tell if you’re joking or not, but can someone people just tell me what to do with amon :sob:




Well that’s comforting, are you implying I should just chill on amon? :joy:

Yes, that is what I would do.