Adams For Chubb

Ive been asked to trade Nick Chubb for Devante Adams and I’m very intrigued. My other RBs are Barkley, Hunt, Gordon, Dobbins, and Rachaad White. and my WRs are A.J. Brown, Sutton, Nico Collins, Rondale Moore, Jakobi Meyers, KJ Osborn. Should i make this trade its 14 team league and 0.5ppr. or should i trade another rb like hunt, gordon or dobbins for another wr? What would you do.?

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In a 14 team league, the stud RB is going to be worth more than the stud WR–and you also have Hunt, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to trade away Chubb.

You could use another solid WR, though, so I would probly see what I could get for Dobbins if there are any RB-hungry teams well-stocked with WRs.

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Is this a redraft, keeper, or dynasty league? I ask this because future years become an issue in this trade. Chubb is 26, Adams is 29. Relative to their positions, they are roughly the same age. But the tier fall-off for RB’s is much harder and quicker, especially for well-used RB’s like Chubb. Adams, if healthy, could easily play well into his 30’s. Although his stats won’t be as good as now, he could still be a serviceable WR.

On the other hand, if this is just a redraft league, I might keep Chubb because of two reasons: First, your RB corps is kind of thin. Second, your WR’s are fine.