Do i make this trade - leaning to not

I get A Rodgers an give J Chase. I have Woods,DJ Moore, Julio,and Fuller plus Chase.
I have Tannnehill and Burrow.

You should make this trade, and drop all of your other WRs and RBs and pick up all the QBs you can stash. You can never have too many QBs, I don’t care what the “experts” say.

Don’t do it. You aren’t gaining as much as you’re giving up.

axe elf
great advise -no one will confuse you with and expert .

edmcgon - Thanks for the input - I’m passing on the trade offer.

And well they shouldn’t. Experts are nowhere near as prescient as Axe Elf, and everyone knows it.

Who exactly is “everyone”? Do you mean the voices in your head? That makes sense…