A tale of 2 playoff games

Playoff #1. I am the #1 seed in the league. Projections show me winning this round by 30 points. Lineup includes Mahomes, Derrick Henry, Aaron Jones, Jamar Chase, Terry McLaurin, Brett Maher, 49ers DST.

RESULT: LOSE by 17 points to the #4 seed. My biggset stupid move - trusting in Aaron Jones and not starting Cam Akers, which would have resulted in a win. My opponent also got great points from TJ Hockenson and the Patriots DST.

Playoff #2: I am the #4 seed in the league. Going against the #1 seed who has beaten me twice by an average of 25 points, and is projected to win by 15. My team is not that strong - J. Fields, Barkley, Connor, D. Adams are best players. Decided to not trust Eagles DST and picked up Browns D against NO - dumb!

Going into Sunday’s games, I am ahead by 3 points. My opponent had underwhelming points fro J Jacobs, R Stevenson, and Nick Folk. But they still has Aaron Jones, Deandre Hopkins, and the Denver DST left to play. I only have James Connor to play.

RESULT: WIN by 24 points. Jones, Hopkins, and the Denver DST gave my opponent a total of 1.3 points. Connor gives me 21,5, Both of had highly projected players had had low points this week, but mine were not as worst has my opponents.

The results were the exact opposite of what I expected. Fantasy Football, what a game!


The old saying applies here: “On any given Sunday”. The key to fantasy football is to make it to the playoffs. After that, the playing field is leveled. An undefeated team can have their first loss, or a team near .500 can topple the best team in the league.

I disagree to a degree. You can change the odds of that “equality” by playing close attention to the match ups for players in weeks 16 and 17. Also in researching the game.

For example from the poster’s OP: Adams is HOF WR but no way do you play him in below 0 and 30 mph wind with Carr who has never played well under 32.

On the other side, Hopkins is a great WR but not with a 3rd string QB on a train wreck of a team right now.

I’m not saying doing this would have or will change a result but it very well could and it most definitely does change the parity you speak of.

It has for me over the years. I just never added a week 15 first round playoff visit and my entire team did not score one single TD.

If I had started DJ Chark over Davante Adams, it would have been worth 10 more points. But the idea of benching Adams, even in bad weather, is preposterous. Remember, Adams played in Green Bay for many years. Elite players get started, no matter what.

NOT with Carr. Put Rogers in and I am with ya,