AFC Playoffs: A fun Wild Card

I did not plan this.

When I set up the wild card round seedings, they just happened to fall into great divisional battles. Here are the predictions:

  1. Patriots (10-7) at the Bills (12-5): Easily the Bills at home.
  2. Chargers (10-7) at the Raiders (11-6): Take the Raiders at home in a squeaker.
  3. Titans (11-6) at Steelers (11-6): Leaning towards the Steelers here.

Next round:

  1. Steelers (11-6) at Colts (13-4): First upset of the playoffs! Steelers win!
  2. Raiders (11-6) at Bills (12-5): While I’d love to see my Raiders win here. I have to take the Bills.

Championship round:

  1. Steelers (11-6) at Bills (12-5): Got to go with the team that wants this most, and that’s the Bills.
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You are a lot more optimistic on the Steelers than I am. How do you evaluate the QB situation there? Which QB will start, and will he retain that job all season long?

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I see Trubisky winning the job. Don’t be surprised if Pickett remains a career backup.

So many of Trubisky’s flaws can be attributed to Matt Nagy. But if you look at his stats, he wasn’t bad for a young QB. Now that he has a good receiving corps and rushing game combined, I expect we can see what Trubisky can really do.

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I don’t think he’s terrible. But his decision making is questionable at times, and I don’t think that was all Nagy’s fault. But he does have more rushing upside than many think, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he turned out to be a mid-range fantasy QB2 if he plays all season. I have him as QB#18 at the moment, based on 17 games played.

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I think Trubisky could have QB1 upside, especially in this offense. I won’t call for that, but he at least has a QB2 floor.