Where is Salary Cap draft assistant?

I’m trying to set up my keeper league “Salary Cap” (formerly “Auction”) draft assistant and I can’t figure out how to switch it from a draft with picks, to an auction with bid on values. Can anyone help me out?

I haven’t gotten to the point your at as I’m not in any leagues yet, but I plan to do only salary cap draft leagues so I’ll be where your at soon so I’m curious as to the answer to your question. I’m new to FP forums so I’m guessing no FP forum MODs monitor the posts here or one of them would have relied by now. which is disappointing. Have you emailed support for an answer?

Have you noticed that ALL discussions are football? Duh!

If your in the Fantasy Football sub forum then, yes, all discussions would be about FFB. Try going to the Fantasy Baseball subforum and you’ll see the Fantasy baseball discussions. Clearly that’s a concept that some here can’t grasp.

Common sense dictates that anyone looks at where they are posting anything before doing so. Doing so shows this is all football. Why exercise futility in wasting time and space posting baseball when ancient Greek may get you a better response?

If you look at the attached screenshot, it’s pretty clear that if there is a mistake it certainly isn’t mine as that clearly shows my post is in the fantasy baseball sub forum. If you’re also seeing it in the fantasy football sub Forum then the mistake is on FantasyPros.

There is no baseball sub forum just this one forum where everyone talks football.
All you had to do is read the forum to see that.

No one comes here for baseball.

You were saying?

SMH Read all the posts and replies over many months. Basically there are none and they show up on this ONE FORUM to be ignored.

This is the best discussion baseball has han in the few years I’ve been here and I’m DONE with it.

Yes, one Forum is correct but that one forum has multiple sub-forums of which Fantasy Football is one and Fantady Baseball is another. I agree with you that their Fantasy Baseball sub forum is little used and not worth much time. Hopefully one day FP will do something about that but in the meantime there are better places to post.

did the original question get answered? how do I use the draft assistant for auction leagues? also the draft assistant is showing projections for NL players in my AL only league. I selected my AL only cheatsheet. Need to figure this out quickly or get another service.