A Few Thoughts on Week 1

I’ll wait a day to hears teams comments on moves they made before forming opinions on playing time, etc. No one knows if decisions were made for match ups, if a player was not 100% or something else. Always better to know before talking.

That said, there are a few things which stood out.

Saints WR Shaheed had a big game. He produced last year but has to fight Olave and Thomas for Targets. Carr looked for him when he needed a play which is a VG sign. I see him as a WR4 or 3 with upside for dynasty or heavy keeper leagues to be a #2 next year. He is only 25.

Rochon Johnson scored 14 but most was after the game was decided. No matter, starters were still out there and he showed well on the run and as a receiver. At worst I believe he took over the #2 spot from Foreman. The rookie is a VG addition.

Zay Flowers had a big game and lead the team with 10 targets. He is a strong addition if available.

I thing the same of fellow rookie Addison with a good game on 6 targets. Osborn did nothing wiht his 6 and I see a definite upside moving forward.

I don’t usually panic but I got BLASTED and will be 0-1 unless Josh Allen gets me 42 points.

I plan to dump al dead weight tomorrow and go hard core after some of these waiver guys.

RBs: Allegiere, Kelley, Edwards, Kyren, Justice Jill

WR: Puka, reed, reynolds

TE: henry, Leporta,

Careful, a lot of those guys are just backups who happened to have a strong outing in Week 1.

Like Bijan had a 20 point day, but left 24 points to his backup in his first NFL game. Imagine what it will look like when he’s getting 80% of the touches! So I wouldn’t be fooled by Allgeier. Likewise, just because Hill dunked in 2 TDs doesn’t mean that Edwards won’t be the #1 in Baltimore now that Dobbins is done.

Once Puka’s 15 targets go back to Kupp, he will be much less attractive.

Gesicki is the “receiver” TE for the Patriots; he just had a dislocated shoulder about 3 weeks ago and Hunter Henry had the better day in Week 1–but Gesicki is a top 5 TE on the season.

Edwards and Reynolds are probly your best targets there. LaPorta is ok, but if you get Reynolds, I probly wouldn’t bother with a rookie TE from the same team.

That type of thinking may well get you BLASTED again next week Leaping before you learn is never a smart thing to do.

My advice is no longer needed or offered until you relax.

Cool as a cucumber SoBe717…

Let me put it a different way. I usually lean towards caution and have sometimes missed out on guys with my wait and see approach.

But this week I think I am going to dive in and put in a claim for a guy with some upside.

I’ll probably drop a WR4 and take a gamble on a RB.

It’s a little tempting to wait and see and climb the ladder (our waivers do not reset, you keep your spot until you lose) but I also am a little fearful of my stubborness biting me.

I could use the RB help I think so I may bite the bullet and dive in.

I kind of like Josh Kelley actually. I would gamble on him in that O I think more than the Ravens guys or even Allegier.

Let me put it the same way. Yo do not leap before you learn. End of story.

I have to admit I am curious if Kupp even plays. I heard a rumor of nerve damage?

Puka is intriguing.

But I also don’t want to give up on the guys I drafted yet.

I think Allen, Chubb, Brown, Andrews, Lockett should be ok?

And I am not ready to kick DJ Moore to curb just yet.

And I am an Eli Moore truther, LOL.

Yeah. Bottom line in my league is 5 people gonna be 0-1 tomorrow.

8/10 make playoffs. Our commish started 0-4 last year, won the whole thing. Another guy was 1-7 and left for dead and came back to make playoffs.

You just never know and one week isn’t a big enough sample size to panic.


Why do you even have a regular season? Just put all 10 teams in the playoffs, and you don’t have to start until December.

Yeah it started as a work league for fun, which is fine, but 8/10 leaves a little too much room for error.

But I think to keep people interested, it’s ok. We have some decent payouts at least.

I would prefer something a little more competitive.

Huh! Who the hell said that? Oh, me. LOL

Don’t know if you watch Boardwalk Empire but to quote Nelson Van Alden, “I am relaxed…”

Love talking fantasy though and need to dial it back sometimes.

Always appreciate the advice and insight from other people.

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