Pick 2 RBs for this week

0.5 PPR - 12 team league

I need to pick 2 from this bunch.

JConner vs Dallas (Tough matchup)
MSanders @ Seattle (Bryce Young not expected to play)
ZMoss @ Baltimore (Not favorable matchup and maybe Minshew at QB)
JKelley @ Minnesota (Not sure of Ekler’s status)
KMiller @ Green Bay (First career game)


Conner and Moss. Easy peazy, lemon squeezy.

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Kelly and Sanders

We all know Kelly blew a** last week but that was against a Tenn D that has not allowed a rusher to get more than 60 yards in almost a year. That offense normally relies on its RB and Kelly proved he has what it takes to be productive in week 1.

Without their young stud QB I have a feeling Coach Frank is going to rely on his running game. Dalton is capable enough to keep the D honest. Sanders has been averaging around 18 touches a game and, in my opinion, the more fantasy touches a player receives usually results in more fantasy production.

Connor vs the best D in the league scares me…alot. If Hall and Barkley were unable to produce against them, I don’t have much faith for Connor (I’ll probably bench him in my leagues)
Moss vs Baltimore D without Richardson, (much better D than Indy will face) I’d expect Ravens to Key on the run game.
Miller is playing in his first game of his career. Gibbs saw less than 10 opportunities and has way more draft capital. NO also has a 3 headed attack this week at RB (Jones, Hill, Miller) and Miller will be last in line for goal line touches. So, unless he breaks a big TD run/catch he probably won’t be able to muster many points with his limit role.