2023 Rookie Run Down

It is our half way point and time to take a look at how the rookies have done so far. The draft was not said to be one of the best but with some bright spots:

Robinson- looks great, just needs to play more.

Gibbs- Top talent, bottom landing spot

Johnston- Nothing good to say

Njigba- some injure but trouble getting open, jury still out

Addison- has played pretty well and maybe a break out game on MNF

Flowers- has had a good start and won the #1 WR spot, a potental WR1.


Kinkaid- slow start but may have broken out this week

LaPorta- great start and a top 5 TE already

Musgrage- a top talent yet to break out

Mayer- coming on, should be top 12 by year’s end.


Richardson- looked like a star but injured. to be continued.

Stroud- has played very well with a so so supporting cast

Young- has flashed some but yet to impress.

Who will move forward or step back? Who are sleepers not mentioned?

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Great thread!
I went heavy on drafting rookies in most of my leagues. Even in redraft and it’s paid off.
Achane. Lighting in a bottle. His stature scares me but his speed is crazy
Roschon still waiting. I can’t image the mental warfare going on in a persons head while being hurt. Next in line to get your break and the guy you beat out goes bananas
Puka. Wow. Everything about him is so weird. He’s like a Charlie Crockett song. You see the guy singling and the voice doesn’t match the body. I look at Puka and the last thing I see is a top 4 receiver. He’s been brilliant
Downs. Dell. Miller. Just a few I’ve also enjoyed watching. I feel like the gap from generational talent and generational talent is getting a lot closer each year. It would be incredible to have JJs on 3 -4 teams.

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Good post Damian. Rochon blew a great shot to start with the concussion. He has to be climbing walls.

Mims who we talked about may jump up by the trade deadline if Jeudy goes.

Same with Spears if they move Henry.

Great posts and great idea! One deep sleeper to keep an eye on in my opinion is McLaughlin in Denver. I only say that because I can see Peyton using him in a Kamara type role paired with Williams. So he will get is touches and used in the passing game more and more as the season goes one.

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Thanks. I had him for a week did well and dropped him. Not seeing the touches coming. he could be a flex.

Aside from the others mentioned here, I’d add this one: How about Tyson Bagent? Undrafted rookie replaces injured Justin Fields in hapless Chicago and actually wins a game, and looks good doing it. He could be this year’s Brock Purdy.

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At this very early point in time the only rookies I would feel good about having with a chance of being one of the tops at their position are Robinsonn, Flowers, Addison, LaPorta and Kincaid. That is not very many.

Agree or disagree?

Addison went off last night for 127 yds and 2 scores, 27 points to upset SF. A hell of a breakout game.

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Puka should be on that list as well. He’s still hanging in at 4 in points. Which in itself is pretty awesome. But those guys have really made an impact. Kincade has a chance to do something with Knox going out. But I just wished this potential breakout happened 3 weeks ago while he was still on my team. Hahahaa

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Agreed, he came out of nowhere. I have Robinson and Kincaid by picks in our leagues and finagled Flowers in both with Addison in one. I expect both to just keep getting better and better.

Charbonnet is my personal sleeper. The kid has all the talent in the world but
cannot get the playing time. He was gonna be one of my top picks before landing in Seattle.