The "Who's On First" 2022 NFL Draft

Above is the CBS ranks by their trio with different thoughts on who is where.
They do it for a living and have the CBS resources and NFL access to add.

Fantasy Pros, PFF, ESPN, Yahoo, etc are all the same this draft with few agreements. In the first round, half or full PPR,
most all agree on Taylor at #1, Ekeler is locked at #3, Jefferson mostly at 5 and that’s it.

The rest are all over the place from top 5 to 2nd round, and these are from guys doing it for a living. What chance do little guys have?

Let’s see how things shake out from advice here to the “experts.” Should be fun.

This does NOT include Elf who wants to be on his own.

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My version:



Top QBs:
J Herbert
J Allen
D Prescott
L Jackson
P Mahomes
T Brady
J Hurts
T Lance

Top RBs (full PPR):
N Harris
C McCaffrey
D Henry
J Taylor
D Swift
A Ekeler
A Kamara
A Jones
L Fournette
J Mixon
D Cook
S Barkley

Top WRs:
C Kupp (by a smaller margin this year, though)
J Jefferson
C Lamb
M Pittman
J Chase
T Hill
S Diggs
D Adams
J Waddle
M Evans
T Higgins
K Allen
A St. Brown
B Cooks

Top TEs:
M Andrews
T Kelce
D Waller
D Schultz
G Kittle
T Hockenson
K Pitts

Well Done! Will correct later. JK.

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Flame away. I’d be the last to claim that I have it all right, gotta leave that to others. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

No flame, just a difference of opinion and in this draft that is the rule vs the exception,

Upon further review, we differ a bit on a bunch of players but a bit is expected especially in this draft.

We do have three big differences in I have Murray at #4 QB and Dak 9th along with Having Pitts at #3 TE.