2023 Dynasty Landing Page- Mock, Ranks +++

Tons of current Dynasty Info from a mock by 12 analysts showing each pick by each analyst, ranks, tiers, articles on each position as well as the Payton effect in Denver and Brady leaving. Heath did a great job with the others at CBS.

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Patrick Mahomes Justin Fields Kyler Murray Tua Tagovailoa Deshaun Watson
Josh Allen Justin Herbert Dak Prescott
Jalen Hurts Lamar Jackson Trey Lance
Joe Burrow
Trevor Lawrence

I’m taking the tier portions to post for a bit of discussion starting with QB.
Hard to argue with his picks but, I would drop Fields to his own tier 3 and drop Murray to tier 4. I was tempted to put Jackson with Fields due to injuries.

Murray and Watson appear to be boom or bust in 2023. I’m going with busts.

He has all QBs ranked if you click on the article.

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Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Mark Andrews Kyle Pitts Pat Freiermuth Cole Kmet Dalton Schultz
Travis Kelce T.J. Hockenson Dallas Goedert Darren Waller David Njoku
George Kittle Greg Dulcich Dawson Knox
Trey McBrid

Decided to add TEs with the QBs with not a lot to discuss on either.

I’m going to need one but struck out trying to trade for a top 5, not sold on Freiermuth, Kmet and Waller is too old and injured with the draft a few good ones but not for this year. Looks like Schultz and/or Dulcich. :frowning:

FA Gesicki is one to watch, depending on where he lands he can be a good one.

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Got to agree, there is a lot there in the QB rankings not to like.

Tier 1 is perfect.

Tier 2 is mostly ok. These are guys with Tier 1 upside, but they need just a little help.

I’m not sure if Joe Burrow might be maxed out here? I can’t imagine how much better the Bengals offense can be. Improve the o-line, then what?

Lamar Jackson looks like he’s peaked as a Raven. We’ll see if he ends up in a better situation somewhere else. His problem is going to be passing. He’s not bad, but he’ll never be Mahomes or Allen.

Tier 3 should have Watson too. Like you said, boom or busts. Murray with a new coach is a big question mark. Can a new HC get Murray to play like he is capable of playing? Or is Murray just a better version of Jamarcus Russell, who lazied himself out of the NFL?

If I had to bet on Murray or Watson, I’d take Watson. In theory, Watson is capable of Tier 1. But the Browns are still a run-first team in need of an alpha WR (Cooper is NOT it!). Watson won’t suddenly become bad, but he could easily be underutilized.

Tier 4 is guys with upside, but look out below! The big surprise here is Trey Lance. Brock Purdy just owned that job. Now if Lance ends up traded somewhere else, then we can talk about his potential. On the 49ers, he’ll look nice on the bench.

As for Dak Prescott, let’s look sat the W-L records for him and Cooper Rush:

Rush: 4-1
Dak: 8-4, playoffs 1-1

The only team Rush lost to is now in the Super Bowl. Dak only beat them because Jalen Hurts was out, and Dak only beat them by 6 points. The Cowboys looked like a much better team with Rush. But they will go with Dak because Jerry Jones has his ego tied up with Dak’s big contract. NOTE: I am NOT saying Rush is a great fantasy QB, because he isn’t, except in the deepest of superflex leagues. This is strictly from a football perspective. I am saying Dak shouldn’t be starting.

Andrews over Kelce?

Sorry, Andrews isn’t in Kelce’s league, even when he’s 100% healthy (which he hasn’t been this season). Kelce is a dominant beast. Take this from somebody who hates the Chiefs with the white hot passion of a million burning suns. Kelce is one of the things I hate most about the Chiefs, but I will not deny his talent. If I have a gun to my head and I have to pick a Chief for a dynasty team, give me Kelce over Mahomes.

On top of that, the Ravens have been using Isaiah Likely more this season. Not enough to displace Andrews, but maybe enough to cut into Andrews targets going forward. Likely is a serious talent, and the minute Andrews looks even a little less, Likely could step in and steal the role.

Tier 2 and Tier 3 are nearly indistinguishable to me. I might put Pitts in Tier 2 by himself, as he is the only one with the upside to leapfrog Tier 1. QB Desmond Ridder could be the guy to push him over the hump. We’ll see.

The only one from Tiers 4 and 5 that intrigues me is Cole Kmet. He showed some serious flashes towards the end of the season, even as Justin Fields started to look real. There could be something top 5 here.

Beyond Kmet, welcome to the TE wasteland.

There is only one TE, other than possible rookies, who I’d add to Tier 4: Evan Engram. The Jacksonville TE showed some flashes of greatness. If Trevor Lawrence is going to succeed, he’ll need a TE he can rely on, and Engram showed he could be the guy.

By the way, you left out a few TE’s in Tier 5:

Cade Otten
Tyler Higbee
Noah Fant
Isaiah Likely

I would strongly suggest that all take a minute to click on to the articles before the tiers, they are very good and qualifies some of what the author is posting.

On QBs I think Herbert can come back to tier 1. He had a no problem shoulder surgery and chances are his aging skill positions will hold up for another year.
Year before he was #2, 20 points off Allen and threw for 5,000 yards.

Lawrence can move up IF Ridley is close to what he was, TE is resolved and he throws more to ETN.

I think Lance will be #1 with Purdy injured but not be running as much with CMC.

At TE, in addition to Gesicki, I see Dulcich up in value with Payton and there is some speculation that Jax could draft Mayer which brings all three into the possible 8 to 10 draft spots in keeper and redraft due to little else before them,

Kelce now scares me. He will still be VG this year but the back spasms are coming more often which is expected with age. They start at age 30-50 and get worse, been there which is one of the reasons I had spine surgery to stop it in future. He can go another year or two but, I believe he will be missing more time.

Dynasty Fantasy Football Running Back Tiers: Free Agents could have volatile offseasons - CBSSports.com The 2023 free agent class at running back is about as stacked as I can remember. While that may change once franchise tags are assigned, as of late January Saquon Barkley, Josh Jacobs, David Montgomery, Tony Pollard, Kareem Hunt, Miles Sanders, Devin Singletary, Damien Harris, and more are set to hit the open market this offseason.

One thing is certain, there are not enough chairs for all the backs available. Several will get left out in the cold or moved into secondary roles. While that’s probably not the car for Barkley and Jacobs, there is at least some risk they move into committees after being just about the closest thing the NFL has to feature backs. For both backs, the best-case scenario is likely that they stay with their current teams in their current roles.

Even with that risk of a reduced workload, Barkley and Jacobs aren’t falling more than a tier in the next six months barring a major injury. Guys like Montgomery and Pollard could be at more risk. Pollard is coming off an injury that could slow down his process and Montgomery is at a weird place where he could rightly believe he’s a feature guy even as NFL teams remain unsure. Miles Sanders and the guys below them could fall even further.

If I was picking. perfect landing spot for all five it would look like this:

  • Barkley stays on the Giants and they improve the offense around him without adding a 1B.
  • Jacobs signs with the Falcons and Arthur Smith treats him like Derrick Henry.
  • Montgomery signs with the Chiefs and reunites with Matt Nagy.
  • Pollard signs with the Raiders to replace Josh Jacobs.
  • Sanders lands in Carolina and they choose not to bring back D’Onta Foreman.

The more important thing to remember may be to not make too much out of initial signings. Last year we saw Chase Edmonds earn the first contract for a running back and by the end of the year, he wasn’t even on the Dolphins. It’s quite possible someone like Sanders of Hunt signs early in what looks to be a feature role and then sees their new team draft a rookie in the first three rounds.

Could not get the tiers to copy, Click on to view.

Sanders landing in Carolina is perfect? He goes from the Eagles perfect o-line to whatever Carolina can put in front of him? Sorry, not seeing it.

9/22 10/22 11/22 12/22 1/23 Player Team Age 2022
1 1 2 1 1 Jonathan Taylor IND 23 323
4 2 11 11 2 Breece Hall NYJ 21 282
21 18 1 2 3 Kenneth Walker SEA 21 289
13 13 4 5 4 Travis Etienne JAC 23 289
2 3 3 4 5 Christian McCaffrey CAR 26 340
12 4 5 7 6 Saquon Barkley NYG 25 323
5 22 18 18 7 Javonte Williams DEN 22 232
6 6 6 3 8 D’Andre Swift DET 23 264
23 19 8 13 9 Dameon Pierce HOU 22 264
3 8 16 15 10 Najee Harris PIT 24 255
22 17 12 6 11 Josh Jacobs LVR 24 289
8 7 10 10 12 Joe Mixon CIN 26 306
7 5 7 8 13 Austin Ekeler LAC 27 323

The overrated on that list:

  1. Jonathan Taylor: Until Indy improves their offense, I don’t see Taylor ever becoming the best RB in dynasty, although he should remain in the RB1 conversation. But I wouldn’t spend a first pick in a dynasty startup on him.

  2. Breece Hall: Overall, this isn’t a bad ranking, but I’d put a big disclaimer on it: I expect Hall to be slow in his return this season, and maybe not really show his former glory until later in the season. Watch out for future years though, unless it turns out that Hall is actually injury prone, yet another possible disclaimer.

  3. Travis Etienne: Rumor in Jacksonville is the Jags might be bringing in another RB to split time with ETN. While ETN’s talent justifies the #4 ranking, an RBBC might knock this down a little.

  4. D’Andre Swift: Is Swift injury prone? It’s starting to look that way. Add in how Jamaal Williams started to take over the Lions RB time share, and it becomes really hard to see Swift as #8 here.

  5. Josh Jacobs: Even as a Raider fan, I felt Jacobs was way over-used by them to mask the flaws in Josh McDaniels passing attack. Jacobs broke the 370 touch threshold in 2022, which usually is a red flag for injuries in any following season. A lot of people will overpay for him in 2023 (including the Raiders or another team in free agency), so don’t be one of those people.

15 12 19 21 14 J.K. Dobbins BAL 23 249
17 9 9 9 15 Nick Chubb CLE 26 272
34 30 20 12 16 Rhamondre Stevenson NE 24 264
18 23 30 25 17 Cam Akers LAR 23 249
10 11 15 16 18 Derrick Henry TEN 28 289
11 10 13 14 19 Dalvin Cook MIN 27 272
29 27 29 19 20 James Cook BUF 22 187
14 15 17 17 21 Aaron Jones GB 27 272
39 37 37 29 22 Brian Robinson WAS 23 232
32 35 28 22 23 Tony Pollard DAL 25 249
9 14 14 20 24 Alvin Kamara NO 27 264
47 41 32 31 25 Tyler Allgeier ATL 22 215
16 24 24 26 26 David Montgomery CHI 25 232
19 20 21 24 27 A.J. Dillon GB 24 204

33 26 22 23 29 Miles Sanders PHI 25 232
51 51 35 28 30 Isiah Pacheco KC 22 204
25 25 27 37 31 Leonard Fournette TB 27 264
35 31 26 35 32 Khalil Herbert CHI 24 187
30 38 41 36 33 James Conner ARI 27 264
27 28 34 33 34 Ezekiel Elliott DAL 27 232
20 16 25 41 35 Clyde Edwards-Helaire KC 23 187
44 48 47 44 36 Zamir White LVR 22 153
28 33 23 34 37 Michael Carter NYJ 23 170
26 34 36 30 38 Antonio Gibson WAS 24 187
37 29 31 32 39 Devin Singletary BUF 25 204
45 46 48 43 40 Isaiah Spiller LAC 21 100
36 21 33 40 41 James Robinson NYJ 24

The author did say he was going young and Had JJ and Chase as his top two picks overall. I would have a tuff time between JT and CMC as my top FB pick.

Hall , as opposed to Javonte, is looking good to go and think he will be fine within four games.

ETN was not used in the pass game where he is really good. Rumor is impossible to rank.

Williams is a FA and what the Lions do with him and the draft in anyone’s guess.

Jacobs tag depends on the Raiders plan for this draft. Charbonet would be a good replacement who you could draft.

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IF we are realistic on the RBs there are 12-15 and then we get into age and questions. They are premium picks after JJ and Chase. JMO

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I’d lean towards CMC in both redraft and initial dynasty. Granted, he is 26, and does have some mileage on the tires. But the 49ers kept his touches to a reasonable level (329 touches, with 85 of those catches). With the talent on the 49ers offense, defenses won’t be able to stack him like they did in Carolina. For the first time in years, I am optimistic on CMC.

Where JT differs from CMC is the lack of much offense around him. While Indy isn’t the worst, they are as far from San Francisco in offensive talent as they are in miles. JT has long term potential, but will Indy run him into the ground first? In other words, lots of touches, but no real efficiency, much like Najee Harris? We’ll see, but those concerns knock him from the top spot for me.

As I said, Hall isn’t so much of an overrate, but more of a “yes, but”. It’s hard to say how RB’s will return from these kinds of injuries. I think with Hall, it is more of a statement of it’s ok to draft him second, but be prepared to be getting RB’s 2 and 3 on your roster earlier than you might with other RB’s in the first round.

Therein lies another factor with ETN: underuse by the Jags.

Williams was RB11 last year. Swift was RB19. Obviously, there’s a lot of touches to go around for RB’s in Detroit. Don’t be surprised if Williams is back, or if the Lions grab a promising rookie in the draft. Imagine Bijan in Detroit?

From what I’ve seen in mock drafts so far, Bijan is still there when the Raiders draft in the 1st round, although nobody shows the Raiders taking him either.

Regardless of what the Raiders do, I still see Jacobs with a potentially serious injury in '23, no matter where he goes, or stays.

As far as dynasty goes, I can fully see going with JJ and or Chase in the first two picks. There will probably be a few more WR’s in that first round as well.