20 team superflex league set up

I am commissioning a 20 team superflex half PPR redraft league on Yahoo. Snake draft.
I’m looking at QB, superflex, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, K, DEF, 4 bench spots.

Anyone have experience with this? Any pitfalls I should be aware of? I am not sure I have the right amount of roster spots or bench. I wanted deeper players to start. I want to avoid IDPs I mocked it out and teams should still be able to scrape by on the bye weeks.

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Any Superflex league larger than 10 teams is stupid, any Superflex league larger than 12 teams is ridiculous. A 20 team Superflex league with a snake draft shouldn’t be allowed to exist.

Come back when you want to play fantasy football.

Can you elaborate on WHY it is stupid and ridiculous?
If you had to conduct a 20 team superflex, what would you change to make it more fun, playable?

Sure, because there are only 32 starting QBs in the NFL.

Reduce it to 10 teams.

20 team and superflex are mandatory. Would need to modify something else.

It isn’t 2 QB. It is superflex. 4 point passing TD. Anyone who doesn’t 2 starting QBs will start a RB/WR in the superflex spot. Many WR/RB will outscore QBs…

Yeah, but those will be top 40 RBs and WRs, who will already be starting in the 20 teams’ RB and WR slots. You don’t actually believe that RBs and WRs in the 40-50 range are going to seriously compete with QB scoring, do you?

For instance, Kenny Pickett was QB28 last year. He was about the lowest-scoring QB who started most of the season for his team, and he missed 4 games while scoring 159 fantasy points.

The 41st-best RB last year scored 108 fantasy points. The 41st best WR scored 133 points.

So the very structure of the league INSURES that some teams will be playing at a disadvantage–not due to any fault of their own, but just because of the structure of the league itself.

That is the very definition of an unfair contest, and fantasy football should be a fair game. You want to run your little scams, go have fun. But come back here when you want to play fantasy football.

That is a much more helpful response. Thank you.

I am hoping that when QBs are taken early it will push good WR and RB further down the board and managers who don’t get a 2nd starting QB will have a theoretical advantage at different position.

I guess we just disagree about it being fair I think this will test deep knowledge of the league. Each pick will be critical. I think this structure will allow skilled managers to separate themselves from the pack more than can be done in a 10 team league where everyone’s roster is stacked. When I mocked it the score projections were close from top to bottom.

This format got a positive or neutral response from the other managers. It’s low stakes winner takes all. Many are embracing the challenge.

I am more concerned about making a mistake on scoring or number of bench spots.

But just saying that it is fair when it is demonstrably not fair isn’t a legitimate position to take.

It’s like saying that the Earth is flat and that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

You want to test deep knowledge, add a regular Flex position. Then people have to start evaluating RBs and WRs in that 40-50 range. But having a Superflex position creates an artificial advantage for those owners who are just lucky enough to draw the right draft slot to land 2 QBs.

A 20 team Superflex is not about evaluating performance, it’s about getting lucky in the draft order.

I agree that draft position could be an advantage for some but I am not even sure which positions. I have passing TDs 4 pt and half pt PPR. I think that is bringing the value of those positions closer than you think. I don’t think I am going to go full PPR but that could certainly make it better to start a WR over a low end QB at the flex. Would it not?

Except that I’m Axe Elf, and you’re not.

You’ve never played fantasy football before, have you.

Getting a certain draft position automatically puts some people at a major disadvantage in a 10 or 12 team league (that’s why they invented auction drafts). The disadvantage is only amplified in a 20 team league, and then amplified again by making it a Superflex league.

Welcome aboard!

The max number of teams for any superflex league should be 16, since 16 times two QB’s each consumes all the NFL’s starters. I am in one now, and it is VERY challenging!

I also recommend much deeper benches, plus a taxi squad (about 5) and an IR (about 4-5). Add a regular starting flex position or two.

Good stuff!

I kept having an odd number of players and every time I tried to get one I got 2. It kept growing and growing until I hit the Yahoo max. I agree 16 seems like a nice number. I anticipate some managers will drop off and I’ll get 16 or fewer in future drafts. My thoughts on keeping the bench small is to allow some activity on waivers. It is a redraft league.

Thanks for the input!

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I’m more of a dynasty guy. With dynasty, your bench suddenly becomes important, because that is your first stop for midseason injuries. If you haven’t drafted well, or played the waiver wires early and correctly, you can get very stuck in midseason when somebody unexpectedly fails or gets injured. Bench strategy is more important.

Good luck with your league!