NFL Free Agency Moves

Lots of moves and surprises. I did not see Jacobs to GB, Barkley to Philly, Swift to Da Bears, Pollard to Tenn, etc.

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What will Dallas do? Henry? Henry and Ekeler?

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Ekeler went to the Commanders.

Dallas will need more than just Henry.

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As a Raider fan, I was glad to see Jacobs gone. While he was good for us, he’s had a lot of mileage the last 2 years, and it showed last year when he only played 13 games. Let the Packers learn that.

Swift may be a better fit with the Bears. They’ll need a good 3rd down receiving option for dump-offs for Caleb Williams.

Likewise, Barkley might be better in Philly if they can fix their offense.

I’m not a fan of Pollard in Tennessee. He can’t even sniff at Henry’s role there. Spears may be the best RB in that RBBC.

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I see the Giants picked up Devin Singletary. Devin looked a LOT better in Houston than he ever did in Buffalo. Still, he’s only a replacement for Barkley until the G-men find something better.

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With all the analysts and fanatics I know, there was not a single person who picked the right landing for any RB. “Experts” had a very off day. lol

As far as value up or down after signings I will go:

Barkley- up
Swift- down
Pollard- down
Jacobs- up

Side note- Gonna be very interesting to see what London and Pitts do with a real QB.

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I forgot late sign Moss to Cinci which I think is really good.

Now we got A Jones, Mixon and still waiting on Henry.

Also Fields had no takers in trade for a 2nd rounder. The NFL does like athletic QBs who can add yards with their legs but not running QBs,

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Cousins is a good fit, although they may draft another QB this year.

Mixon was starting to look tired last season. We’ll see how Moss does there.

Jones is another tired one.

I’m still not sold on Fields having no value. The Bears made a mistake of telegraphing their intention to draft a QB, making Fields expendable. But then all the poker players around the NFL table called the Bears bluff.

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The QB action is intriguing.

I like Minshew to the Raiders. If we’re drafting a rookie, we need a good veteran presence, and Minshew is that.

Mac Jones to the Jags is a head scratcher. I can only guess that Jones wants to revitalize his career, and sees a year under Doug Pederson as the cure for the last two wasted seasons in New England. I still think Mac has the tools to be a good NFL starter. But his head is still a question mark.

Now it’s just getting nuts!

Derrick Henry to the Ravens and Gus Edwards to the Chargers? Marcus Mariota to the Commanders?

I give up…

On the bright side, at least I’m not a Cowboys fan! Are you out there Jerry?

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Henry is the first and only RB I got right. He could be scary good there.

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Agreed. But I’m not sold that he has a lot of gas in the tank.

I am overly familiar with the gym, workout regimen and the like. I saw film of Henry’s working out and he is not from here. He is from the same planet as Frank Gore who I met at a UM gym some years ago. They live to work out.

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Henry might replicate what Gore did at the end of his career.

A short video to see a bit of what he does.

I am curious as to where the FA RBs will be drafted. Fans are really excited on the elders and I can see an ADP setting at 1st and 2nd rounds for Henry and Mixon with 2nd or 3rd for Ekeler and Jones.

Barkley and Jacobs will also go 1st/2nd. Swift and Moss have competition questions on touches.

I don’t really want any of them unless I can get them cheap or for a VG trade value.

Wouldn’t surprise me if the Eagles or Colts brought Fields in to back up their QB’s, seeing he fits what they do.

If I was either team, I would not only bring Fields in to backup the starting QBs, but the starting RB as well; doubling his value. His build is listed at 6’3", 228. He already has an entry level power back build. We already know RB’s don’t get paid a lot, so if he was brought in to play a more extensive T.Hill role, then he could conceivably earn himself some sort of hybrid contract (between the two positions), after this final year of his roOkie deal, which would be loaded down with statistical incentives. :smirk:

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I can’t see Fields accepting a backup role. If it lasts into summer, maybe.

A hybrid backup role for scrambling QB’s that commonly miss games because of the disproportionate amount of contact they receive. I’d be willing to bet T.Hill loves his role, with the limited amount of touches he gets against the $$$ per touch? :thinking:

I knew FA would be tough for him because of his low ceiling skill set in the way he’s being used, along with how the Bears are likely perceiving his trade value. They should accept a 5th and move on. :person_shrugging:

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