10th pick PPR keeper league

I hold the 10th pick and am already keeping Jonathan taylor for a 3rd (34th overall), any suggestions on who i can target here, my initial thought is whoever is available between kelce, swift, adams, or diggs in that order? any thoughts?? Id also have pick 15, thinking kamara, hill, andrews, or keenan allen.

any input is appreciated! :slight_smile:

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I have the same issue, see my thread. With #15 and JT in tow I would go Adams or Diggs. If 2nd is depleted by keepers really like Andrews.

That’s a VG trilogy to start the season.

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Welcome aboard!

If Najee Harris is available, grab him! Najee and JT are a league owner stack!

Of the ones you mentioned, I’d lean towards Swift or Adams.

For the 15th pick, probably Kamara. My gut feeling is he’ll weasel his way thru the legal system so he doesn’t get suspended this year.

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Ahh Najee is kept as well! but yea apparently kamara will be safe this season from the long arm of the law lol

Im thinking adams and kamara i think ican get… i have huge hopes for keenan allen tho!

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I worry about Allen declining. He won’t hit a cliff, but he might get replaced by Mike Williams as the alpha for the Chargers, IF Williams can stay healthy.

thats the big IF! time will tell

If you look at Adams’ college stats with Carr as his QB, it would be hard to pass on him.

I’d avoid Kamara; no point in taking on needless risk.

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