Final keeper - 14-team PPR Superflex

First three keepers are D’Andre Swift, Javonte Williams and AJ Brown. Need help selecting final keeper for this 14-team Superflex league. All teams must keep 4. No draft cost.

Options: Rashod Bateman, Cam Akers, Kirk Cousins

Other top QBs likely to be kept include Mahomes, Jackson, Wilson, Herbert, Prescott and Lance.

I’ve never kept a QB before and am usually a contender for the title, having won the league 3 out of 11 years and been runner up another 2. But something tells me Cousins is the smart play here. What say you?

I draft 10th if it matters.

Yeah, I don’t think you gain much by keeping Akers or Bateman, so may as well keep a solid QB for free.

If Akers hits as the bell-cow, my RB room will be solid, and I can focus the draft on top talent in other positions.

Bateman, who I really like for a sophomore breakout, could be a keeper for years to come, and with some weakness at WR1 given Brown’s new home, helps balance my team before the draft starts.

Cousins would slide into QB2 and I’m all but guaranteed to be able to take Hurts, Murray, or Burrow with pick 1.10 (in that order of preference), locking in a solid QB 1-2 punch, as I’m a believer that Cousins is often undervalued.

You mean if Akers becomes the first RB in history to return to form after a torn Achilles.

Cousins is more undervalued than in previous years, as the Vikings move to a more pass-oriented attack. I’d take the shot on him. You never know what QB’s will be kept, so best to have him in your back pocket going into the draft.

Bateman is overhyped by the experts this year, who keep forgetting how Marquise Brown struggled to be fantasy-relevant in the Ravens run-oriented attack until last season, when the Ravens RB room looked like they were ready to trot out the ghost of Eric Dickerson for awhile. Even then, Brown wasn’t THAT great.

I’ve discussed Akers at length before. This is a guy who has had one good game in 2 seasons, while mostly being injured. The whole “he’s the bellcow for the Rams” has grown as tired as he is.

Thanks for the analysis. Makes my feeling about locking Cousins more secure.

I’m not as down on Bateman as you are, but you raise a worthwhile point. He’ll likely be available to me in the 3rd round if I want to take a shot on him this year.

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