0.5PPR: Cooks for Bateman?

I love the volume Brandin Cooks continues to get and think he should eventually start finding the end zone. Think he’s got more upside and a higher floor than Bateman and his lower volume, boom or bust start?

Cooks gets a healthy amount of targets, which makes him a rather safe start, though his upside is capped.

Bateman OTOH has an absolutely insane target depth. With just 8 catches this season so far, he racked up 226 yards. That is 28.2 yards per reception, a mind-boggling number. And what makes it even more flabbergasting: he pulled that off 3 games in a row now (29.5 / 27 / 29.5).

Still, intuition suggests that he will not be able to keep that up. If his YPR goes down, but his volume won’t go up, he will become even more TD dependent than he already is.

Still, his upside is intriguing, and definitely greater than Cooks’. I like both players, and have shares in both of them this season. If I had to chose only one of them, I’d lean towards Bateman, though.

I would probly take Master Bateman as well; it’s only half-PPR so his yardage and scores are more important than Cooks’ target volume.