Someone dropped rashod bateman in a league

I’m in a 16 team league with 1qb, 1wr, 1rb, 1te, 3flex, 5 bench

Someone dropped Rashod Bateman (no idea why, probably incompetence) I’m debating weather or not I want to use all of my remaining faab to pick him up or not. I have 66 of my original $100 budget.

Should I go all in with my $66 to pick him up?

That depends how desparate you are on WR.

Bateman is not a high-volume guy. Over his first 4 games, before he got injured, he saw 5.4 targets per game on average. That’s really not a lot, especialy if your catch rate is only 50%. Because it means he’s catching less than 3 passes on average.

His YPR is strong, at 22 yards per reception. But he still is a highly TD dependent player. In weeks 1 and 2, he had an end zone grab and scored 14.9 and 20.8 points in my half-PPR dynasty league. In weeks 3 and 4, he was kept out of the end zone, scoring 4.9 and 3.2 points.

His profile reminds of Gabe Davis. Low volume, low catch rate (which is not unusual for a deep threat), high ceiling, but a floor well below 5. You can never start such a player with confidence, because their good games occur randomly.

The target hog in Baltimore, who play a low-volume passing offense, clearly is TE Mark Andrews, who’s getting 9+ targets per game, including a lot of red zone and end zone work. Unless Andrews gets injured, that isn’t likely to change.

Baltimore has a clear priority when it comes to scoring TDs:

  1. On the ground
  2. Through the air to Mark Andrews

  3. Through the air, to another receiver, including Rashod Bateman

I still see the appeal in Bateman, and don’t blame you for wanting to add him, especially since this is a deep league. I certainly wouldn’t have dropped him, though I understand the frustration of his owner. But the right way to deal with it would have been to wait for the next big game, and then trade him.

Should you go all-in to pick him up? That depends on 2 questions:

  1. Who is the player you have to drop for him?
  2. Do you expect other owners to bid over $60 for him?

In a 16 team league, you probably have a good answer for question 1. Question 2 is something only you can answer, as you know the owners in your league better than we do.

I wouldn’t blame you for making the move, but please understand that Bateman is not a player you can ever start with confidence, even when he’s healthy.

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I’d get rid of Bateman too, I have him in 2 leagues. . He’ was great for two weeks then got hurt Andrews is number 1 and will be the go to guy. If you want complete inconsistency then get him. But no way I’d spend more than $15 to get him.

We’re not even at the half way point. I would save my money for a layer who could really matter and you know they will come. Injuries and byes are just getting started.