Zak's 2023 Season

While I doubt this forum will survive this season, I decided to still post my results here. Because… why not.

Since I only play dynasty’esque formats, I decided to post this in the dynasty forum.

I’m playing 4 leagues this year:

League 1 - 12 team, half PPR, SFLEX, full dynasty
QB / SFLEX (Q/R/W/T) / RB, RB / WR, WR / TE / FLEX (R/W/T) / K / DST
13 BENCH / 5 IR / 5 TAXI
My oldest dynasty. Finished #3 last year, power ranking has me at #1.

League 2 - 12 team, full PPR, 1QB, full dynasty
QB / RB, RB / WR, WR / TE / FLEX (R/W/T) / K / DST
11 BENCH, 3 IR, 2 TAXI
Joined that league 3 years ago when taking over a derelict team as a turnover project that is now nearing completion. Power ranking has me at #4, though this league is awfully close behind the top 2 teams. Playoffs are within reach this year, but nowhere near guaranteed. Last year, I finished #9.

League 3 - 12 team, standard, 1 QB, full dynasty
QB / RB, RB / WR, WR / TE / FLEX (R/W/T) / K / DST
16 BENCH / 2 IR
Joined that one this offseason. My next turnaround project, and this one will be even more challenging, as the team is complete and utter trash.

League 4 - 10 team, full PPR, 1 QB, 10 keeper league
QB / RB / WR / TE / 3 FLEX (R/W/T) / K / DST
7 BENCH / 2 IR
Joe’s South Beach league. Won it in its inaugural 2022 season. Power ranking has me at #2 this year.

Will post my rosters next, and then continue with the week 1 results.

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The rosters:

League 1 - 12 team, half PPR, SFLEX, full dynasty

QB: P Mahomes, J Herbert, J Love, D Thompson-Robinson
RB: A Ekeler, B Hall, R Stevenson, B Robinson, D Harris, D Vaughn
WR: J Chase, D Johnson, A Cooper, D Hopkins, Q Johnston, J Meyers, G Davis, R Doubs, J Reed, KJ Osborn, D Slayton, J Palmer, T Palmer
TE: M Andrews, I Likely, C Okonkwo, M Mayer
K: D Carlson
D: Buffalo Bills

I picked at #9. Was happy to find Quentin Johnston still there, added Reed and Mayer later.

Offseason Trade:
Gave: B Purdy, G Pickens, DJ Chark, 2024 1st, 2nd (both project to be in 9-12 range)
Got: D Hopkins, 2024 1st (projected top 3)

League 2 - 12 team, full PPR, 1QB, full dynasty

QB: D Jones, B Purdy
RB: T Etienne, C Akers, K Gainwell, D Foreman, T Bigsby, Z Moss, Z Evans
WR: J Chase, J Waddle, M Pittman, J Meyers, Q Johnston, T Atwell, V Jefferson, KJ Osborn, D Slayton
TE: P Freiermuth, D Schultz, M Mayer, T Kraft
K: E McPherson
D: Denver Broncos

I picked at #3, but traded back to #6 in the first round (see below). Still got my target in Quentin Johnston. Added Tank Bigsby and Zach Evans later, as handcuffs, as well as Michael Mayer.

Offseaon trade:
Gave: G Pickens, 2023 1.03
Got: C Akers, 2023 1.06
A controversial trade, but it gave me a much needed option on RB, albeit a risky one. I had no chance to get Bijan or Gibbs, so it was clear I’d go WR. Personally, I prefer Johnston over JSN and Addison, so trading back 3 spots was not much of a risk. Worst case, I would have added Anthony Richardson. I’m still happy about the trade, as I got my intended WR, and am not a Pickens believer any longer.

League 3 - 12 team, standard, 1 QB, full dynasty

QB: J Fields, D Jones, D Ridder
RB: K Miller, J Kelley, Z Moss, M Carter, Z White, K Hunt, E Hull
WR: D Adams, R Shaheed, T Atwell, J Reed, A Robinson, KJ Osborn, J Ross, K Boutte, K Philips
TE; S LaPorta, Z Ertz, J Ferguson
K: C Dicker
D: New York Jets

Yes, this is a horrible team. Took it over this offseason, after the owner had abandoned it. In 2022, he made a mid-seaon trade in which he traded his 2023 1st away for Zack Moss. Need I say more?

Most of the bench players are waiver pickups, as the team was full of retired players. I scooped up Kendre Miller and Sam LaPorta with picks I acquired in-draft, and Jayden Reed with another pick I had traded for.

Biggest offseaon trade:
Gave: J Waddle
Got: 2023 2.04 (S LaPorta), 2024 1st (early), 2024 2nd (early), 2025 1st, 2025 2nd, R Shaheed
I hated giving up Waddle, as he would have been cornerstone to build a new team around. But I had too little substance to do that, especially without 2023 picks. So I had to accept the offer and now have at least two 1sts and 2nds in 2024 and 2025.

In-draft trade:
Gave: D Pierce
Got: 2023 1.12 (K Miller), 2023 2.05 (J Reed), Z White

League 4 - 10 team, full PPR, 1 QB, 10 keeper league

QB: J Allen, J Fields
RB: N Harris, J Jacobs, R White, K Miller*
WR: A St. Brown, B Aiyuk, J Dotson, M Evans*, JSN*, G Davis
TE: D Goedert, C Okonkwo
K: D Carlson*
D: San Francisco 49ers*

The players marked with a * are the ones I acquired during the draft, the rest were keepers from last season.

This format is a bit weird, as you can keep 10 players, but have to give up their original draft round pick. Balancing cheap keepers vs. win-now players is quite tricky here.

I have my doubts on Johnston coming of age. Many flags and problems.

Very nice building trade for Waddle.

I’m sure German ingenuity will allow you to be tricky enough for a possible
second place finish. :sunglasses:

True. He’s got a huge frame, but doesn’t seem to know how to use it. Contested catches should be his biggest strength. Instead, it’s his biggest weakness.

But JSN and Addison don’t come without question marks of their own. Both will see a QB change, and at least JSN also a HC change, still during their rookie contracts. QJ finds a much more stable environment, and joins a team that could see a window of opportunity opening up very soon. In redraft, I’d have stayed away from QJ, but in dynasty, that’s a pretty tempting scenario.

Alas, let’s turn to week 1. And that wasn’t pretty. At all.

League 1 - half PPR, SFLEX dynasty
I’m #1 in power rankings for the season, and for week 1.
My opponent took over a turnaround project, and was #12 in both rankings.

He had the Cowboys D. Need I say more? I’m going into the season 0-1. :imp:

League 2 - full PPR, 1QB dynasty
I had better luck here. Being on the playoff bubble, I’d better win matchups against similarly ranked teams. I faced such a team, in one of many 50:50 matchups to come. My team struggled - Daniel Jones’ 3.5 FFP were not pretty at all. But his team featured both Tee Higgins and Dallas Goedert, both of whom produced geese eggs. That helped me to a narrow 91.7 to 86.6 victory.

League 3 - standard, 1 QB dynasty
Remember, my team is absolute trash. I faced the #3 team of last season. That should easily give me the first of my expected 13 consecutive losses. Add the fact that I had benched Atwell (11.9) and Shaheed (13.0). I couldn’t probably win against a team starting Richardson, Henry, Najee, Amon-Ra and Waller, right?


I’m 1-0, thanks to Joshua Kelley, the Jets D and Dicker the Kicker.

League 4 - PPR, 1 QB, keeper league
A close week 1 matchup. Goedert’s goose egg did hurt me. But at least, I didn’t have to be mad with myself. My other TE is Chig Okonkwo, who matched Goedert’s score. My opponent had struggles of his own, though. Not a great week to start Joe Burrow.

Amon-Ra, Evans and Aiyuk left me pretty optimistic going into MNF. All I needed was 18 points from Josh Allen, to give me a safe W.

Well, we all know how that went. 12 points later, I started another league with an 0-1 score. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

The season can only get better.

The drops and handling pressure are the other concerns on Q. However, in your positions I would have done the same. There were no good options.

Some of the QB scoring is horrible. Have to wonder how much not playing in pre season games has to do with it.

I cut back to 3 leagues and went 3-0 with 2 big upsets. My season cannot get any better. :joy:

Week 2 is in the books. 3-1 isn’t bad. It would have been better if the L came from the right league. It didn’t.

League 1 - half PPR, SFLEX dynasty
Sitting Breece Hall in favor of Brian Robinson was the best call I made all weekend and led to a safe W over @edmcgon. I’m 1-1 in that league, now.

Roster moves: waiver-added Dontayvion Wicks (TAXI stash), traded away Isaiah Likely for a 2024 3rd

League 2 - full PPR, 1QB dynasty
Another of many close matchups in this extremely well balanced league. My team did okay, stayed within projections. His didn’t, though. Going against Brian Robinson, Keenan Allen, Hollywood Brown and Gabe Davis was too much. Even Dalvon Cook’s near-bagel performance didn’t save me from a crushing L. 1-1 in that league as well.

Roster moves: waiver-added Pierre Strong. Still not sure whom to cut, need to cut 2 players. 3, if I want to add Matt Breida, who went unclaimed.

League 3 - standard, 1 QB dynasty
My trashy turnaround team keeps dominating this league. After beating previous year’s #3, I went right on to beat #4 this week. And in the most brutal of fashions. Going into MNF, he was leading me by a meager 1.3 points. But he had Miles Sanders going, I had Rashid Shaheed, and this is a standard scoring league. Well - Shaheed outscored Sanders by 1.6 points, leaving me with a 0.3 point W, a 2-0 record and waiver priority #12 for the week. I have no idea what is happening here.

Roster moves: cut Michael Carter, Zamir White, waiver-added DeVante Parker, Dontayvion Wicks

League 4 - PPR, 1 QB, keeper league
After my somewhat unfortunate week 1 L, my team did a lot better and went 1-1 with a safe 108-98 W.

Roster moves: dropped Daniel Carlson, waiver-added Dicker the Kicker.

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Don’t get cocky kid.

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The season would give me no reason for that, as I’ve been both on the giving and receiving end of upsets in both weeks so far.

Still… 152-107… :smiling_imp:

I cut back to 3 leagues and am taking no prisoners. My teams scored 120, 128 and 154, winning by 43 with a pair of 26’s.

The 120 is expected by what could be the best tram I ever put together. The 128 and 154 were by my 2 teams projected to finish last with the worst drafts by Yahoo, ESPN and Fantasy Pros. After 2 weeks we are up to #2 and #3 only 4 points off #1. Picks and moves worked and I have Taylor in 2 wks with Jameson in 4 weeks coming in one and just Jameson in the other.

Experts are very good but hardly infallible. :sunglasses:

QB J. Herbert QB - LAC at MIN QB5 Player Select
QB J. Goff QB - DET vs. ATL QB12 Player Select
RB B. Robinson RB - ATL at DET RB4 Player Select
RB D. Swift RB - PHI at TB RB18 Player Select
RB Z. Moss RB - IND at BAL RB22 Player Select
RB R. Johnson RB - CHI at KC RB33 Player Select
WR C. Olave WR - NO at GB WR10 Player Select
WR N. Collins WR - HOU at JAC WR34 Player Select
WR J. Addison WR - MIN vs. LAC WR35 Player Select
WR M. Brown WR - ARI vs. DAL WR40 Player Select
WR M. Mims Jr. WR - DEN at MIA WR69 Player Select
WR J. Mingo WR - CAR at SEA WR78 Player Select
TE D. Kincaid TE - BUF at WAS TE15 Player Select
K C. Dicker K - LAC at MIN K6 Player Select
DST PIT DST DST - PIT at LV DST13 Player Select

Taylor and Jameson are not listed as unavailable.

This is my 2-0 150 point team.

J Herbert LAC- QB

A.J. Brown Phi - WR 

Bijan Robinson Atl - RB

Evan Engram Jax - TE

Derrick Henry Ten - RB 

Travis Etienne Jr. Jax - RB 

CeeDee Lamb Dal - WR 

Keenan Allen LAC - WR 

Jahmyr Gibbs Det - RB

Cam Akers Min - RB 

Jameson Williams Det - WR 


Dalton Kincaid Buf - TE

Jared Goff Det - QB

Roschon Johnson Chi - RB

Bass Buff - K

Dallas- D

My top team

Above is a 10 keeper league. I drafted a core of Herbert, Cee Dee, AJ and Etienne last year. Everything else was added from a ton of trades and moves leading to Robinson and Gibbs, etc and the vets who are gone next year.

As of now I have 4 top 10 RBs and 3 top 10 WRs.

I have 2 early #1 pick in 2024 with a pair of #2’s.

Really happy with the results but still need the title or two.

Wow. Week 3 was a black hole of suck. 1-3, and the W came in the league where I was aiming for the 2024 1.01, and am now ranked #1 at 3-0. What the actual hell?

League 1 - half PPR, SFLEX dynasty
Tough matchup against another top 3 team. I was slightly ahead in projections, 147-140. My boys did well, beating projections by scoring 170+ points. Second best result in the league. He had Mostert. Need I say more? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
1-2 here now.

League 2 - full PPR, 1QB dynasty
Tough matchup against a top 3 team. Projections were close, 122-125 in his favor. My boys did well, beating projections by scoring almost 170 points. Second best result in the league. He had Mostert. Who just said ‘deja vu’? Oh, right, that was me. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
1-2 here as well.

League 3 - standard, 1 QB dynasty
Something is very, very wrong with this league. And as a result of this wrongness, I’m now at 3-0, despite playing the worst dynasty lineup I ever had.

League 4 - PPR, 1 QB, keeper league
Close matchup, projections were 104-101 in my favor. My boys did okay, scored 111 points. He had… no, not Mostert. The Buffalo D, that scored 32. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
The usual 1-2 record.

Can’t say I’m a big fan of the season so far. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I agree. I projected to win 121-119 and won 138-108 in the redraft league I won last year. I went for last to 2nd in going 3-0.

I projected to win 117-94 in the keeper league we share and scored 141 to be routed by 166 scored by Krash. Still ranked #1

I projected to win 105-87 in the other keeper 8 league and scored 111 to lose to 112. This was the worst team, worst draft league I rebuilt in 3 weeks by adding Chase, Henry, Flowers, Charbonner, etc. My rank went to #1 but was of no hel this week.

QB J. Herbert QB - LAC vs. LV QB4 Player Select
QB J. Goff QB - DET at GB QB15 Player Select
RB B. Robinson RB - ATL at JAC RB4 Player Select
RB D. Henry RB - TEN vs. CIN RB8 Player Select
RB D. Swift RB - PHI vs. WAS RB19 Player Select
RB R. Johnson RB - CHI vs. DEN RB34 Player Select
RB Z. Charbonnet RB - SEA at NYG RB45 Player Select
WR J. Chase WR - CIN at TEN WR7 Player Select
WR C. Olave WR - NO vs. TB WR11 Player Select
WR Z. Flowers WR - BAL at CLE WR20 Player Select
WR J. Addison WR - MIN at CAR WR29 Player Select
WR M. Brown WR - ARI at SF WR44 Player Select
TE D. Kincaid TE - BUF vs. MIA TE17 Player Select
K B. Aubrey K - DAL vs. NE K3 Player Select
DST PIT DST DST - PIT at HOU DST8 Player Select

My rebuilt worst team.

I play two top undefeated teams in both keepers leagues and the #1 in the west division in the other. Gonna be some fun.

I’m hoping for some normalcy to return.

I won all 3 games by 25, 75 and 80. That puts me at 10-2 for 3 leagues over 4 games. I’m now ranked 1st in all 3 after being last in 2 of them. Feeling pretty good so far but it is early.

This season keeps being strange. Went 2-2 this week, with a much worse performance than last week.

League 1 - half PPR, SFLEX dynasty
Got the third lowest score in the league. Good for me: I played the team with the lowest one. Still, it wan’t pretty, a dirty W. Rhamondre, Amari Cooper, Jakobi Meyers all posted low scores. Coaching fail of the week: benched Mark Andrews (because TEs don’t score against the Browns, right?), started Logam Thomas instead.
The week still counts as a W, though. 2-2 in this league.

League 2 - full PPR, 1QB dynasty
Another terrible performance, but this one resulted in a crushing defeat. Played an 0-3 team, but his guys did really well. Mine… well, not so much. 1-3 here, after yet another L. Thought I’d have a shot at the playoffs this year, but it doesn’t look like it…

League 3 - standard, 1 QB dynasty
That’s the one where I coach the most terrible team I ever had, and was 3-0 after week 3. I almost went 4-0. My opponent won by 9 points, thanks to the Dallas D, that gave him 28. Still, I can most likely kiss the much-needed 2024 1.01 goodbye, being at 3-1 after 4 weeks. And thanks to my still-low waiver priority, I can’t even pick up the interesting guys from the waiver wire.

League 4 - PPR, 1 QB, keeper league
At least, I got a good, old-fashioned “normal” W here. 2-2, which is okay, though I don’t think I will be able to defend my title in this league. But who knows.

Feels safe to recap week 5 before MNF, as all 4 leagues seem to be locked in. A week I wanted to give up after TNF already. Of course, I was running against DJ Moore. But I had Ja’Marr Chase, and so I’m looking at a 4-0 week.

League 1 - half PPR, SFLEX dynasty
That’s the league where I cursed the fantasy gods after TNF. Checked the score on Friday morning. Brian Robinson gave me a meager 6.3 points. But my opponent was at 5.3, so… hang on… that’s not 5.3. That’s 53. ARE YOU :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :imp: :skull_and_crossbones: :nauseated_face: ME??
Thankfully, my D-Hop, Gabe Davis and Ja’Marr Chase :fire: :fire: :fire: fixed that. And Breece Hall, whom I started over Rhamondre Stevenson. Best call I made all week. Going 3-2 in this league.

League 2 - full PPR, 1QB dynasty
This one isn’t safe yet. I’m leading by 55 points, though, and he still has a questionable Davante Adams and the Raiders kicker going tonight. Unless Adams joins the ranks of DJ Moore and Ja’Marr Chase (can’t rule that out); I should be good. Looked like safe L for a while, as my opponent is the #2 team in this league. But again, Ja’Marr Chase :fire: :fire: :fire: was there to save the day. ETN and Dalton Schultz did great as supporting cast, fixing the problem Daniel Jones gave me on QB. Last time I started him over Brock Purdy, that much is sure.
Barring any bad MNF surprises, I’ll go 2-3 in this extremely well balanced league, that will only have two 4-1 teams after 5 weeks.

League 3 - standard, 1 QB dynasty
Trivia: what is being described here:
“A random bunch of failed players miraculously turns into a successful team, thwarting the team owner’s plan of a tanking season.”
A) The 1989 movie “Major League”.
B) My team in this dynasty league.
Last week, I narrowly lost my first game this season, but only because my opponent’s D went through the roof. This week, my team was back on track, absolutely dominating the 2022 champions. Justin Fields, Zack Moss, Sam LaPorta and the Jets D went through the roof. I’m leading by 30 points and still have Davante Adams going, while my opponent is finished already. I’m 4-1 now, #1 in league ranking, can kiss the much needed 2024 1.01 goodbye, and with #12 waiver priority, I also have no chance of adding any notable free agent.
WHY??? This looked like a safe 0-13 season. :sob:

League 4 - PPR, 1 QB, keeper league
Projections said I’d narrowly lose this close matchup. Now, I’m trailing by 0.7 points, but still got Josh Jacobs and Jakobi Meyers going in MNF, while my opponent is finished. Unless the two of them run into each other during warmup, this should be a safe W, taking me to 3-2. All that despite starting Najee Harris, who still shows no sparks of life. Should have started Kendre Miller over him.

Across the 4 leagues, I’ll be 12-8 now. Not my best season, but everything is still possible. Except for the 2024 1.01 in League 3. :expressionless:

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I dropped 2 of 3 this week. I had 162 in the win thanks to Chase, Saints and Achane (4-1) My best team fell to 3-2 with losses by 1 and now 2. I could not overcome 6 players having off games.

My 3rd team had 3 starters on bye and 5 guys being off leaving me at 4-1.

I’m 11-4 for 3 leagues which is good but less than expected.