WR swap for Sutton down the road with some bench

I have courtland Sutton starting, Romeo Doubs and Alec Pierce on the Bench, I’m in a 12 Team league. Sutton has fallen off. Looking for a waiver guy that has potential to replace Sutton. Undecided if I drop pierce or Doubs, I’m seeing Robert Woods, Parris Campbell, Devin Duvernay, Allen Robison ll, and Elijah Moore available on waivers. Are any of these guys worth swapping for. I also have Odel Beckham on my bench just waiting

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Welcome aboard!

I might gamble on Parris. With a new qb in Indy, Parris could possibly take off. It’s a risky play with a very low floor, but at least the potential for upside is there, compared to some of the others.

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I would also consider dropping Beckham. He won’t see the field before December, and we still don’t know where. If you can make the playoffs without him, you won’t need him. And if your team needs him, you won’t make the playoffs.

Try if you can get a solid WR2 for Beckham + Pierce. Chris Olave maybe, or even check with the Amon-Ra owner if the recent weeks got him scared.

Then pick up Campbell from the waiver wire. Personally, I’m not ready to believe the hype just yet. But if he won’t cost you more than a few FAAB$, then he’s certainly worth the gamble.

Or, if Joshua Palmer is still on your waiver wire, grab him immediately. But he’s probably gone.

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I’m not buying Parris or any of your other options just yet. I would hold for now.

Allen Robinson is probably the guy you want among those listed.