Underperforming WRs

I have Amari Cooper, D. Hopkins, Mike Williams and Emmanual Sanders as my WRs and I basically am on a losing streak. I am 5-5 in 10 team Full PPR league.

I have tried to be patient but I am a little concerned now.

I just picked Aiyuk and I may need to bench or even drop one of the above.

Are there any players below worth picking up over the players I current have at least till week 14??

Tough call. You run the risk of benching/dropping somebody, only to see them have a resurgence at the end of the year.

I could run down a litany of reasons to drop any of those receivers, only to watch them self-correct this weekend. I could also give you a bunch of reasons to pick up any of the receivers you showed on the waiver wire, only to have them faceplant the rest of the year.

So I am going to put myself in your place, and tell you what I would do, but only with the caveat that it may not work.

First, I am not sold on Aiyuk. Shanahan is far too capricious with his decisions, and Aiyuk could easily end up in the doghouse next week. I try to avoid all things 49ers because of this.

I think Jerry Jeudy is probably a better choice than Aiyuk, since he seems to be getting the targets in Denver. Jeudy still has to show he can do something with them, but at least his floor is solid.

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I appreciate your suggestions…It has been difficult for me making those decisions.
I need someone with the potential of double digit points.

I like Jerry Jeudy in the list too and I picked up Aiyuk as he seemed to be trending upwards.

I am tempted to drop E Sanders and pick Jerry as of now…

Van Jefferson and OBJ certainly have the most potential. But we don’t know yet how the targets will be distributed among them. You can consider picking both of them and drop Williams and Sanders for them. But as Ed said, there is a risk that both may bounce back, so proceed at your own risk.


Williams and Sanders have been particularly frustrating this year. I’ve benched Williams and dropped Sanders in most of my leagues. I concur with the Jeudy pick up. If you want another dart throw name, perhaps look at Elijah Moore. His targets are up and has a good schedule coming up.

Moore is tempting, but his success came with Zach Wilson out. It will be interesting to see what the Jets will look like when he comes back. I may be wrong here, but my gut feeling is: not good.

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ok…I will atleast put a bid for Jeudy as of now…he seems like the safest of all.

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