Chris Godwin or Gabe Davis?

My WRs: AJ Brown, Mike Williams, Chris Godwin, Gabe Davis, Jerry Jeudy. I can start 3; Brown and Williams are in. Jeudy is not an option. So it’s Godwin or Davis.

In the week 6 rankings, Godwin is ranked higher than Davis, but every time I bench Davis, he goes off. I lost last week by four points in part because I didn’t play Davis, swore I’d never sit him again.

Also, my opponent has Josh Allen at QB. Does it make sense to start Davis in order to kinda/sorta mitigate Allen? If Allen has a big game, a lot of those yards/TDs could go to Davis , which sorta offsets Allen. Make sense?

I’m 1-4, need to win. Thoughts?

That is the trick with players like Gabe Davis. He does not get a lot of volume. 3-6 targets are his standard, and his catch rate is at only 55%. That means you cannot expect more than 1-3 catches from him in an average game.

He can turn these few catches into a mind-boggling score, as he did last week. Or he can flame out, like in the 2 weeks before.

It’s really difficult to forecast, which is why I don’t like players like him for fantasy purposes. Based on the matchup, I’d say there is a good chance he has another strong week. But you always have to be aware that his floor is well below 5 points.

If you are behind in projections, I’d start him and hope for another great week. But if you are well ahead in projections, the safer floors Brown, Williams and Godwin provide might make them the more attractive starts.

The only thing I can guarantee: if you bench Davis, he will have a monster week. :sweat_smile:

Good luck!

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AJ and Mike are a must start! If you don’t see that then you need to schedule an eye doctors appointment.

For your WR3 I would go with Godwin, Tom is coming off a ton of passing yards with only 1 TD,I have a feeling he changes that this week.

Davis rarely has 2 good games in a row and I am assuming KC wont let him murder them like he did in the playoffs last year,

DO NOT START Jeudy. Russ cant cook and there is no way I am trusting a WR2 in that offense, especially one who has scored less than 3 TD in his 3 year career.

Davis because of the Allen to Davis connection - all else being equal