WR Keeper Question

Would you keep Diontae Johnson in the 5th or Robby Anderson in the 11th?
12 team keeper league. PPR.

If it was a redraft question, I’d say Anderson. But for keeper purposes, I have to go with Johnson, only because of age: Johnson is 25, Anderson is 28.

On the other hand. for value purposes, Anderson is a steal at 11, whereas Johnson is only fairly valued at 5 (and maybe a little overpriced).

On the third hand, you could just use the picks to get better players, and not keep either of them.

In summary, I see your dilemma. It all comes down to what you value here.

Robby for the 11th.

Don’t look now, but Robby was a top 20 WR in PPR scoring last season (Johnson was not), and now he gets Darnold back as his QB.