WR Full PPR for playoffs 15-17

Van Jefferson
Chase Claypool
Brandon Aiyuk

For 3 weeks? I’d never answer this question, because only elite players get a 3 week start. There’s no elite players in that list. Take it one week at a time.

Well I have D Hopkins, Amari Cooper, Mike Williams…I made the playoffs from a difficult position without these guys…so i am not sure if I can call them elite this season…

Fair point, but they are still better than the 3 you listed earlier. Just remember, take it one week at a time. Don’t expect any non-elite WR to play out your season and/or playoffs.

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You are right…but I am in the playoffs just due to Mixon and Nick Folk if you can believe it…other guys were on and off…got lucky with streaming Qb as Kyler was injured…its been a tough season and being in a 10 team league…it is even more difficult…

So am looking for some upside guys who I could maybe flex…

All of those guys could be flexed with the right matchup. Just take it one week at a time.