Worried about Pittman?

Anyone worried about Pittman Jr?? The Indy offense looks real bad and with Taylor injured…wondering if Pittman is a sit for week 5??

Players typically perform below their averages on Thursday nights anyway, but as always, it depends on who your options are. If your other WRs are Kupp, Jefferson and Diggs, it would be easier to sit Pittman than if they are Ritchie James, Nico Collins and Tre’Quan Smith.

Well I have Cee Dee Lamb, Curtis Samuel, A rob, Hunter Renfrow

I’d probly be starting the first two over Pittman anyway.

Yes and no. Yes, because the Indy offense is terrible, indeed. I hadn’t exactly expected wonders from Matt Ryan, and outside the abysmal Jags game, he is quite solid. But the entire offense looks out of sync. Their game plan (if they even had one) clearly does not work. And the loss of JT will certainly not help with that.

No, because the fundamentals still look okay-ish. Matty Ice throws the rock 38 times per game, for 280 yards and a TD. His completion rate is 66.2%, which isn’t bad. Pittman plays the highest number of snaps among all WRs in the league, And his target share in weeks 1 and 3 (he missed week 2) was right where we expected it.

But that’s the problem - opposing defenses have figured out that shutting Pittman down means shutting Indy down. As exercised by the Titans this week.

Again, this won’t get any better, now that Indy may not have a serious run threat for the next game or two.

The Colts’ matchups get better in weeks 6 and beyond, at least on paper. Though that does include the rematches against the Jags and Titans, against whom they struggled heavily so far. We can only hope the Colts have a better game plan by then.

Ok…I don’t see them do well on the road against Broncos defense…Thanks guys!