Who will win 1 PPR?

First round of playoffs, which team will win 1 PPR?

Team :a:: Mahomes, Swift, Pollard, Tyreek, DK, Andrews, G Wilson, Bills, Butker

Team :b:: Kyler, CMC, Saquon, JJ, AJB, Kittle, Hollywood, Ravens, Bass

The team that scores the most points.

Should be a close match.

Mahomes > Kyler
Pollard < CMC
Swift < Saquon
Tyreek < JJ (close)
Andrews > Kittle (hard to predict tho)
G Wilson > Hollywood
Bills > Ravens (close)
Butker < Bass (close)

Thanks for playing along :rofl: which team will score the most points, :a: or :b:?

Seems like team :b: with a slight edge over :a:.?

Right, and that should give team B the edge. Updated above.

Iā€™m the only one who can guarantee that my answer is 100% correct, tho.

So if you want to guesstimate and approximate, you go with the others, but if you want to be right, you go with Axe Elf.

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