Playoff Predictions: Championship Round

So far, I am a perfect .500 in my playoff picks so far. Let’s see if I can break 50% this weekend:

RAVENS vs. CHIEFS: I’m a Lamar believer now. The Chiefs may have beaten the Bills, but that game could have gone a very different way with any of a few plays ending differently. Give me the Ravens here.

49ERS vs. LIONS: Will Deebo play? While I would love to see the Lions win, I can picture the 49ers winning even without Deebo. Have to pick the 49ers, but I hope I am wrong.

Is the Super Bowl logo predicting who will play in the game ...

Here is this years SB logo, purple and red it is.

The fix is in for all the free Taylor Swift publicity.


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Actually, I think the only team with purple is the Ravens, which means they would have to beat the Chiefs, leaving Taylor Swift, well…

The only other red team is the 49ers. Is that your “fix”?

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It came from the guys qt CBS fantasy, two different conspiracy theories.

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So much for the conspiracy theories…

As for me, I’m still batting .500…

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The one on Swift is alive and well. She was all over post game reports.

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