Who Is Now Looking for a Rookie RB

The best FAs are gone and Philly and Buff still need a top RB… I could see both with serious interest in Robinson, Gibbs or Charbonnet

Who else?

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Sanders in Carolina look like a VG pick up.

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Last season, the Eagles were so good, it was unbelievable. Add Bijan to them? May as well give them the Lombardi Trophy at the draft.

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They should have the chance and maybe Buff for Gibbs.

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Arizona - strong need
They’ve got nothing behind an ageing James Conner. They draft at #3, but are expected to trade back, as they have plenty of needs, but not on QB.

Atlanta - need
Do they really think Tyler Allgeier can carry that backfield? I don’t. Grandpa Patterson is turning 32 today.

Baltimore - need
They certainly hope for J.K. Dobbins, but we all know how quickly the Ravens burn through RBs, and they got no one else. They draft at #22.

Buffalo - need
They only got James Cook and Nyheim Hines. Is that enough? I don’t think so. They draft at #27.

Carolina - no need
They will deploy Miles Sanders. If that will work is a different question, but it’s their plan.

Chicago - no need
Khalil Herbert and D’Onta Foreman - that will work for them.

Cincinnati - small need
Joe Mixon is getting shakier, but they will try to squeeze another season out of him. They will add an RB, but not super early.

Cleveland - no need
Nick Chubb is their RB1, and it seems they like Jerome Ford.

Dallas - need
With Zeke getting the boot, Pollard is their RB1. They got no one else, though. Wouldn’t be surprised if they signed Damien Harris. Or added an RB in the draft.

Denver - no need
Samaje Perine to back up a still-shaky Javonte Williams - that will work for them.

Detroit - no need
Swift and Montgomery - I’d be surprised if they added another notable piece.

Green Bay - no need
Jones & Dillon are both still there.

Houston - murky
Dameon Pierce looked good enough last year. I still wouldn’t be shocked if they invested into a more high-profile RB, but I think they will address other positions first.

Indianapolis - no need
JT and Zack Moss will work for them.

Jacksonville - no need
Travis Etienne runs the show, with Ollison, Hasty and Snoop Conner to back him up.

Kansas City - need
Yes, Isiah Pacheco looked good. Yes, CEH is still there. My money still says KC will draft an RB. They draft at #31 (Miami forfeited their 1st rounder, so only 31 picks in round 1).

L.A. Chargers - murky
If Ekeler moves on, they have a problem. If not, they can wait another year.

L.A. Rams - murky
How much will the Rams trust that Cam Akers will show his good side this year? Does it even matter to them, with the team being in disarray?

Las Vegas - no need
They tagged Jacobs, that will carry them through 2023.

Miami - no need
They brought back their entire huge backfield: Wilson, Mostert, Ahmed, Gaskin. They won’t add another piece.

Minnesota - no need
I was surprised it took them so long to bring back Mattison. If they hadn’t, I would have seen them in the market for an RB. Now, not so much.

New England - no need
Rhamondre Stevenson plus James Robinson plus Pierre Strong - that will work for them.

New Orleans - murky
Yes, they got Kamara and Jamaal Williams. But how many games will Kamara play in 2023? Can Jamaal carry the entire backfield in his absense? Will Eno Benjamin really be a factor here?

NY Giants - no need
A freshly tagged Saquon, plus Matt Breida - that works.

NY Jets - no need
Breece Hall will carry the backfield, Michael Carter and 2022’s darling Zonovan Knight are also still there.

Philadelphia - need’ish
Yes, Kenny Gainwell looked good towards the end of the last season. Yes, they brought back Boston Scott. But they want a title. And they draft at #10. Bijan could end up here.

Pittsburgh - no need
They may add a backup, but they will rely on Najee Harris to carry the backfield and invest in the o-line for support.

Seattle - no need
It’s the Ken Walker show. DeeJay Dallas is around for support.

Tampa Bay - murky
They gave Fat Lenny the boot. Will they hand the backfield over to Rachaad White, with Chase Edmonds as his backup? Or will they add another piece? They draft at #19.

Tennessee - strong need
Derrick Henry will be 29 when the season kicks off, and the Titans are looking for a trade partner. Hassan Haskins is not the answer to the hole King Henry will leave. They draft at #11.

Washington - no need
Antonio Gibson and Brian Robinson may switch the 1a/1b role, but they are both still there, and that’s all the Commanders need.


Good run down and no short hand :slight_smile: JK

I see Philly, Atlanta and Buff as the likely players for the top three RBs in the 1st or 2nd with the Chargers if Ekeler goes. I think KC goes WR and Da Bears would not surprise.
Miami is all in for a 2 year run to contend. A pair of backup RBs will not stop adding an impact player if available. Gibbs is a great fit for McD.

Actually, I would rate this as “murky” at best. Allgeier can still be the “main guy”, as he showed towards the end last season, but he will need some help. Caleb Huntley showed he could spell Allgeier as needed. And Patterson is still there. But I can see them adding a late round prospect though.

With Swift’s injury history? Oh yes they need somebody. Fortunately, Craig Reynolds and Jermar Jefferson have been good in spot play. They could survive an injury to Swift or Montgomery, although not sure about both. I would rate this “mildly murky”.

I also like that Deon Jackson kid. He made Nyheim expendable.

This is the Chargers! Every year they draft an RB, who faceplants. If the Chargers drafted Bijan, he’d end up being a bust. :laughing:

Don’t be surprised if Damien Harris ends up here. Josh McDaniels is collecting all his old toys.

Then why are they trying to trade Dalvin Cook? Something smells funny here.

I still love Philly as a Bijan destination. They would be scary good.

Jaylen Warren is still there.

I would rate this as “minor need”. They need somebody to spot Walker, AND be able to step up if Walker gets hurt. Dallas can spot him, but he can’t replace him.

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Here’s something for you to think about. If Robinson ends up in Philly, I have to
consider trading the player of your fantasy life’s quest in A J Brown. :slight_smile:
I really don’t like having two top players on the same team. Notice my trading Jameson and Kirk. I tried with Schultz but no luck and he will not be back.

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If you had Marshall Faulk and Torry Holt 20+ years ago, you’d have been a fantasy king. Don’t underestimate the RB-WR pairing in high-powered offenses.

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Granted, there are exceptions and not sure what I’ll do. It was at Hapy Hour yesterday when I mentioned Robinson to Philly that a fried said I will have to trade A J because of my pet peeve.

I asked him if he was working for you, explained and got a laugh. He asked me to tell you that if you get the trade you owe him a beer.

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I would be delighted to have an Eagle Bijan with AJ Brown. I’d own the league!

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Funny guy. Best you “might” do is resolve your passion for A J and it will not be cheap IF it happens at all.

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Considering you have AJ, the odds of me getting him are only likely if I give you my first born, my entire checking account, and every 1st round pick from now until eternity.

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That really did make me laugh. For fun, IF I considered this, I would go with Wilson , 2024 1st and one more piece but not a main piece.

What would you think to offer for the player of your dreams?

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Wilson and AJ are at most an even swap. At best you get a 4th round pick?

That would not get it done but a reasonable counter. We’ll talk more if I decide to trade. Not that it matters but Hall is taking your 4th.

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Why is Hall taking my 4th rounder news?

I said it did not matter but you could not trade the 4 and keep Hall. Trying to sort out trades in our league is challenging.

Forgetting the trade, I do not see the two as even. I disagree with Zak in thinking Lazzard with Eli and add Hall will take volume from Wilson with Rogers. Also unclear how the two will click and how long Rogers will be around. I may agree half way or more into the season but not now.

AJ has no questions at all, big difference.

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Garrett Wilson (WR – NYJ)
“Wilson has a bright future ahead of him, but now is the time to put the second-year wide receiver on the trade block after he won the Offensive Rookie of the Year award last year. His current ADP on Underdog Fantasy is the WR9 despite ending the 2022 season as the WR19, averaging 10.2 half-point PPR fantasy points per game. The anticipated addition of Aaron Rodgers will only make Wilson’s trade value higher. Yet, the Jets recently added Rodgers’ best friend, Allen Lazard. Furthermore, how long will Wilson have Rodgers throwing to him before the star quarterback retires? If you can flip Wilson and a mid-round rookie pick for CeeDee Lamb or A.J. Brown, that’s a deal I would make.”
Mike Fanelli (FantasyPros)

They are reading our posts.
He is advising to take that trade not for me to give it.

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Gotta say, that is the stupidest comment I ever read on a player, dynasty-wise. Even if you don’t like Wilson this year, why would you toss him long term?