When Is Your D Day?

I mean by that your decision day when you choose to go for it on a playoff run or, choose to say not this year. Some say week #10 and others week #12.

Both choices should be looking for trades for a playoff run or trades to help next year.

I see our league being clustered together with most within a game after week #10. Glad I put our trade deadline at Dec. 3 the last day Yahoo will accept and after week #12 games.


Difficult to say. For me, it depends on the overall situation, not on a specific date. Example:

In my rebuild dynasty, my team is 3-5. I’m the underdog this week, so I’ll probably be 3-6 after week 9. Sounds like I can write that season off.

But: in weeks 10-14, I will play the 5 weakest teams in the league. Teams that I outperformed in every of the last 3 weeks.

Plus, my team is performing better and better. I just defeated both of last years finalists in consecutive weeks, and for both of them, it was only the 2nd L this season. And neither injuries nor BYE weeks were a major factor.

So there is every chance I will finish the regular season 8-6 and make the playoffs. Even a 7-7 could work, as the league is very balanced.

I will have to make my decision latest by week 11. Because our trade deadline is on Nov 29. If I want to sell some assets to load up on next year’s draft pick, I will have to push for these trades in the next 2 weeks.

Chances are I will be on the playoff bubble by then. Tricky decision.

My other dynasty is easier. I’m 6-2, #1 seed, #1 in the team power rankings, #2 in points scored - of course, I will push to defend my title.

Still a few tricky decisions to make there. Last year, I sold off some depth pieces for 2022 picks, one of which turned out to be the 1.01. I already have two extra 2nds for 2023, one early, one late. Would love to get an extra 1st, and then try to bundle picks and move up in the 1st round.

OTOH, if I want to make a push for the title, I may want to invest in some short-term depth pieces, like D’Onta Foreman. The loss of Breece Hall didn’t kill my team - I still have Austin Ekeler and Rhamondre Stevenson. But if one of them gets injured, I will have to start Michael Carter, Damien Harris or Brian Robinson - not ideal.

Still, I think I’d rather settle for 2nd, 3rd or 4th place this year, than giving up on 2023 draft capital.


True story, many moving parts. However with a trade deadline looming the date is important. I like to have a week to look for a trade partner.

As far as redraft leagues go, there is no such thing, unless your league sets next year’s draft picks based on this year’s finish, which only encourages tanking. Better to leave it as random.

As for dynasty/keeper leagues, I think it has more to do with your situation. If your team is still scoring a lot of points, then you have to keep going until you get mathematically eliminated from playoff contention.

Another possible factor is if you have too many injuries or players benched to possibly compete for a playoff berth. For me, when Breece Hall went on IR, and Jameis Winston was benched, all hope was dashed in my main dynasty league. Even though I’m only 3-5 in that league, chances are slim that I can make a playoff run. Even if I do, the top two teams in the league are stacked, which means even if I miraculously made it, I’d likely be one and done in the playoffs.

The big decision is to be a buyer or a seller with the clock ticking on a deadline,

In both 7-1 leagues I am a buyer due to injury or a bargain.

The other two have me at 4-4 and 3-5 with the jury still out for at least 2 more weeks. I believe I can still make a run in our league, not as sure in the Euro league.

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Speaking of playoff runs in South Beach, I assume the week 15 playoffs will be seeds 3-6, with the winners going against 1-2 seeds in week 16? And then week 17, where I trounce whoever is left? :grin:


If you make it in I would see you as the trouncee as opposed to the trouncer. ;lol


Oh ye of little faith!



Oh ye of little faith!

In you, yes. In myself a much different story. :slight_smile:

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It’s ok if you have less faith in yourself. I do too. :wink:



It’s ok if you have less faith in yourself. I do too. :wink:

Impressive that you agree with me that you are not that good. Well Done,

Actually, I was referring to my faith in you. Sorry for the misunderstanding there. :wink:

As always the misunderstanding was on you but you did get it right. lol

Absolutely! Not having faith in you is the right choice, especially considering my record over yours in South Beach! :grin:

You need to go to a spin class as you are horrible at it. I have taught a number of people in the past but have given that up. You will have to find someone else who will not be as good but much better than you.