What to do with adams

When should I start to worry having adams starting with no Derek carr? Do I bench him? Or let it ride ?

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It depends on who you have to replace him. Most analysts now see Adams as a low end WR2/flex.

If you have any WR even remotely ok, I’d start them first.

My only option is to move jahan Dotson from flex. Bench adams and put devin singletary in the flex spot. Only other receiver I have on the bench is Joshua Palmer

Adams is a complete wildcard this week. Maybe Stidham will elevate him back to his level of week 13 and earlier, before his catch rate suddenly dropped to 36%. Or maybe things will get even worse.

He is a complete gamble, and I guess nobody can safely predict how this week will turn out for him. What speaks for him is that the Niners D is pretty generous to WRs, and the Raiders are likely to play from behind all game long. That could lead to 12-15 targets for Adams.

But if he turns them into 4 catches for 30 yards and no TD, that still won’t help your team.

On the other hand, neither Singletary nor Palmer promise any notable upside, so unless any of them puts up a surprise performance, I don’t see you losing a lot of points by starting Adams.

I’d take the risk and start Adams.

Good luck!


As Zak posted, you have no upgrade leaving your best move to stay put and roll the dice with Adams.