What’s my best option to pickup this week? 1 PPR

Who do I pick up with my open roster spot?

Current team:

QB: Kyler, Watson
RB: CMC, Saquon, White, Kyren Williams
WR: JJ, AJB, Hollywood, Thielan, Pickens, Burks
TE: Kittle
DEF: Ravens
K: Bass

Top options at RB, WR, TE, and DEF:
RB: Zonovan Knight, Hasty, Perine, Warren, Hilliard, TDP (CMC handcuff), Breida (Saquon handcuff), Mattison
WR: Corey Davis, Robert Woods, Cobb, Gallup, Skyy Moore, Landry
TE: Taysom Hill, Dawson Knox, Logan Thomas
DEF: Steelers, Chiefs Vikings, Bucs, Broncos

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I don’t know that anyone there really helps you any, but the way Mike White was lighting things up, Corey Davis might have some upside that has not yet been tapped this season.

Cobb and Landry still have upcoming byes.

I’m kind of reluctant to add an RB or WR to your current group, because the options you presented wouldn’t see the light of day unless there’s an injury. Breida as a Saquon handcuff makes sense, but even if Saquon got hurt, I’d probably go with White as my other starter before I’d use Breida.

What I see is you have one TE with no backups. With Kittle’s injury history, that’s risky. I would take Taysom Hill. Granted Hill’s floor is low, but his upside is enough to possibly win a week for you occasionally. Knox and Thomas only really present a 10+ high point upside, which won’t win you anything, especially since that upside is only twice this year for both of them.

Alternatively, you could also use the extra roster spot to play matchups with your defense every week. For example, this week, the Ravens look to be the most solid choice against the struggling Broncos. Same for next week against Pittsburgh. But in the week 15 matchup, the Chiefs might be the better choice against floundering Houston.

And there is a third way that incorporates both options: grab the Chiefs defense now, sit on them until after week 15. If Kittle gets hurt before then, you should probably still be able to grab Taysom Hill off waivers if you need him.

Never carry more than one TE or DST. BAL is the best defense to set and forget for the rest of the season.

Taysom Hill has a remaining bye.

Which is a perfect description for Taysom Hill. He has 1 good week, which is now 8 weeks ago. Other than that, he is a low-volume backup RB whom you can start in the TE slot. He gets an average 0.75 targets per game, and his ground production very rarely exceeds 50 yards.

The chance that he puts up a surprise multiple-TD performance is not any higher than with Dawson Knox. In fact, it’s even lower, as gets less opportunities.

As a matter of fact, if OP’s team loses Kittle, he has a massive problem, as he then has to play a crappy low-end streamer TE. Stashing a crappy low-end streamer TE now changes nothing about that.

So I would add a player that at least has a chance to help, should he be needed. I’d speculate on Zonovan Knight here (have added him myself in both my dynasties). Yes, the sample size is small. But he looked good last week, and you never know. If he stinks this week, you can still drop him again.

Or you can handcuff a backup to one of your starters. For Breida, I see a better chance that he turns out to be useful, should Saquon miss time. For TDP, I see a higher chance that his starter will indeed miss time, but it’s not guaranteed that TDP will earn a meaningful role even then. Pick your poison.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Not exactly true. Hill has also had 2 of those 10+ point games in addition to his 34 point game, so technically he is still superior to both of those other TE’s.

Zonovan is gone from every waiver wire where I play, already rostered in 42% of Yahoo leagues. I didn’t get him anywhere.

This is really the problem with most RB’s and WR’s. None of them really look worthwhile, except in really shallow leagues. This was why I suggested at least a decent TE option to support his weakest position.

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Hill is highly TE dependent. More than Knox, actually. And Hill hasn’t scored a TD in any of the last 5 games.

I spent quite a bit of FAAB on him in my one league. It’s been a slow waiver year for me this far. Still had $130/200 left, and what are the chances I will still need them? So I spent $27 on him. 3 other owners bid on him, with $19 being the next highest offer.

The other league is based on waiver priority. I had WP #3 and made him my top priority pick, and got him.

I like that thinking, but as I said, I’m fairly sure those TE options will remain available on the waiver wire. So you can still grab them when the need arises. If there was a more solid TE available, I’d also recommend to grab him. But neither Knox nor Hill or Logan Thomas qualify as “solid” in my book.

This is why I suggested going for a defensive stream first.