Week 2 Waiver Wire Targets

PFF’s Jahnke gives us the ranked targets to look at and and choose for discussion and debate.

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At QB we got Tua, Winston, Jimmy G and Goff. Not hard to find a backup.

RB features Wilson in SF, Mostert in Miami, Hines and maybe Algiers in Atlanta.

WR lists Pats Meyers, Wash Sauuel, Palmer and Pickens.

Pickins are slim but need.

My $.02 on waivers this week is I don’t care for much of anything but my team is healthy.

However, I will say that WR has some intrigue. I loved London at USC and as a projected 3rd rounder before he became popular. He looks ready to be #1.

I felt the same on Burks but injury derailed him. Now I’m seeing he is coming on and like London, there is no obstacle ahead of him. A VG pick up.

I also really like the LA Chargers and cut Samuel to add them on Thurs. Just look at their schedule the next few weeks. D’s make a difference.