Wild Waiver Wire Wednesday?

I’m expecting a lot of action on these players. It is unusual to have a starting caliber RB available and there are two in Gainwell and Williams. There is also a lot of other talent to add. Should be some fun.

My favorites for 8-10 keepers and dynasty are Shaheed and Rochon for some help this year with VG upside for future.

I also like the Chargers Kelley in their new O and with Ekeler aging.

I’m not sure what to think in Philly and LA. Swift and Akers are top talent RBs and could take over or not. I’m staying away.

How do you rank Kelley vs. Gainwell?

You think Allegiere can keep it up or is Bijan going to outplay him too much.

Gainwell is the obvious choice but in one league there is no waiver budget to bid and I have no chance,

I have no read on what Atlanta will do as of now.