DST week 9 start?

Pats vs Colts or KC vs Ten?


Ehlinger is probably going to get sacked or throw int over Willis. Tenn will give the ball to Henry 30 plus times and Willis will throw 10 times. Colts offence does not look good and Taylor is out

leaning NE too but KC primetime also intriguing

Pats, and it’s not even close.

The Colts are the second best opponent for DSTs. Granted, that’s mostly based on Matt Ryan being their QB. But their o-line didn’t get any better with the QB change.

The Pats are the second best DST so far, and while their favorable schedule helped with that, it still means they made the best of it.

KC’s matchup OTOH is mediocre, and they have performed within expectation so far (#14 DST on a #18 week 1-8 schedule). So I see no reason to expect more than a mediocre result here.

Pats, with confidence.

I hope you heeded my advice. Pats D scored 26 points for me in the 2 leagues where I started them. 9 sacks, 1 INT, 1 TD, 1 blocked K, and kept the Colts to 3 points.

Oh yeah…unfortunately my opponent had Joe Mixon

Oh boy… my condolences. :sweat_smile: