Weather Games - Which games to avoid for Kickers?

I have K M Gay for LAR at Baltimore. Would you avoid him and pick someone off of the wire based on the weather?

Also, who provides the latest weather updates?
I saw one report where high winds are expected, but another report only suggests mild winds.

Do I replace Gay or keep him in my lineup?

Other options (some have weather situations as well);
Zuerlein vs Arz
Butker at Cincy
Hopkins vs Den
Bass vs. Atl
Badgley vs LVR

Thanks for the help.

The key with weather and football, for any position, is avoid extreme weather, regardless of position. High winds are the biggie, but also heavy rain or snow, and let’s not forget heavy fog! When you get into extreme weather, all the teams can do is run the ball, over and over. If it isn’t too extreme, they can throw short passes. Regardless, it cuts down the options, and makes the game low scoring. Avoid all players in those games!

Yahoo is actually pretty good about putting up weather forecasts in their fantasy football screens. Just scroll over your player’s weather icon and get the forecast. If you still aren’t comfy, check out the National Weather Service’s forecast for that area:

Ok. I guess my question is, are the conditions in Baltimore considered extreme? Or is it overkill to replace Gay? Thanks.

The only time to replace a kicker is in extreme winds.