Diggs in blizzard?

I’ve steamrolled everyone all year, earned a bye and of course get snake bitten this week. Likely no Hurts and now I have Diggs in a likely blizzard. Do I dare bench him for maybe Slayton in a dome? Not sure what T. Burks status will be? Need one win to get to finals, do I dare do something insane. I can just see a Diggs line of 2 catches for 22 yards coming in that weather…thoughts? Ride with what makes sense on paper or make the move? Most projections for what they’re worth have him around 18 points (equates to basically 6/60 with a TD)…can’t see it in those conditions.

(BTW, 12 team full PPR)

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Remember how they called for a snow storm in the Miami-Buffalo game? It didn’t actually snow until the 4th quarter.

Snow predictions are very fluky things. Most weathermen don’t know exactly when or how much. They are looking at odds.

Personally, I’d wait until right before the game and see what the weather is like then. If it is bad, then implement your backup plan. Keep in mind, it isn’t the snow that makes the passing game bad, but the wind.


True. Wind is forecasted to be bad so I think that’s going to be a factor. Saw an article that they may consider moving the game as well (fingers crossed)…

It did snow plenty before the game, but stopped early enough so that they could get the field clean for kickoff (but not the stands, as players and officials quickly learned when the Mafia started having snowballsy fun).

Had it snowed for 2 more hours before the game, or started snowing again 30-60 minutes earlier, we might have seen a completely different game.

The snow, too, at least as soon as it starts accumulating on the ground. That slows the game down, and that’s much worse for the guy running away, rather than for the guys chasing him.

That sounds like the right strategy here. :+1:


Agree, this is a game time decision.