VBR seems out of touch

I’m trying to analyze a trade where I would be giving up either Carlos Rodon or Kyle Gibson. Their respective VBRs are 342 and 679. This is not representative of how these guys are pitching right now. How does anyone take these VBR figures seriously? Seems everything on FP is calculated based on the VBR. What am I missing? These VBR figures seem like they could lead folks into making some horrific trades, waiver drops, lineups, etc. I must be missing something.


Yes, this is annoying. Yordan Alvarez (DH) has a VBR of 9999. This makes it hard to judge team value, as he is playing like a top 30 player. Please fix this.

Hey @bharter & @sbrown777, for VBR it’ll be best to drop a quick note to our support team:

Link here: Submit a request – FantasyPros

The VBR ratings are specific to your league so our support staff will take a look at your league and address any issues/bugs that may be present. Thanks!

Vbr is essentially useless in trade analysis. They have 2 weekly trade value charts, you may find interesting. I think they do a good job in giving you a rough value to most of the relevant players. Also if you listen to the podcast daily Dan and cover any immediate player value fluctuations. But it would be nice to see vbr have more credibility. They have amazing app set up for football, I think baseball is really far behind on their priorities.

As mentioned by someone, I do post a weekly trade chart that you can reference here: Fantasy Baseball Trade Chart: Week 7 (2021) | FantasyPros. Next one will be up Thursday morning! Also, feel free to swing by youtube.com/fantasyprosmlb at 9:00 am on weekdays and ask any trade questions. We try to get to a lot.