Feedback on premium my way out: Paying for years, not seeing improvements

I think I’m at the end of my time as a premium user. It’s been years, and I’m not seeing any significant updates to these tools that often fall far short of being truly useful. Anyone else feel the same way?

My league is a dynasty on Yahoo. Head to head each category with five stats each side. Nothing unusual (OBP instead of AVG, SV+H instead of SV). We do have 5 SP, 2 RP, and 2 P slots, but that’s not rare.

The Draft Assistant syncing tool has never worked for me. Year after year, I try. Year after year, it fails to sync or syncs too slowly or otherwise fails to provide any useful input. I’ve been on Microsoft laptops, Mac laptops, Chrome, Firefox, maybe even IE? Nothing seems to work. It’s not just Wifi problems.

Most problems relate to how the system assesses the roster and makes moves to optimize scoring.

The Waiver Wire tool cannot seem to take into account things like the P slots or certainly not the ability to make daily roster moves or operate as a dynasty league. It operates like all leagues are weekly roster moves, so SPs cannot move to the bench after starts and RPs can’t take P slots because it prevents benched SPs from starting. !?!?!? FP has suggested using the “this week” view instead of “rest of season,” but I’m not yet seeing how this is a significant improvement. My current team has six OFs (only 3 OF slots), yet Waiver Wire tool consistently says that dropping SPs for a SEVENTH OF is a great move. ?!?!?!

Trading Tool: It suffers from the same problems afflicting the Waiver Wire tool. It cannot take into account the fact that the SPs can move into the starting lineup for their starts and then back to the bench.

Lineup Assistant: Maybe this is an app comment more than the site, but I’m consistently not seeing the best VBR players suggested for the starting lineup. Is it or is it not true that VBR is basically the apples-the-apples comparison of projected player value for a period of time? If so, why does the app suggest the higher VBRs?! The web version doesn’t have this problem.

In the years I have been a premium member, I am not seeing much improvement if any to make these tools more useful (or just plain useful). I appreciate the range of content available, but if most of the tools are using the same flawed calculations, then how useful can “Who should I start?” or “Who should I draft?” be? It’s building a house on sand.

Good things: It’s not all bad.

  1. The availability of consensus rankings and projections is useful.
  2. That there is a way to create cheat sheets that take into account my league’s settings could be useful, though I question how accurate these are given other problems.
  3. Syncing at least things like keepers seems to work well, and I now notice there links in Yahoo to FP pages for players. That’s cool.
  4. The experts who work with FantasyPros are enjoyable and knowledgeable.
  5. The podcasts are decent. I like that they don’t rely on tired drops and junior high slang. Can we please stop talking about dongs?
  6. The response from support is quick and I can tell they are trying.

What are the plans to address this? Are there tips for how to make the tools work better?