Value Based Drafting

What are your thoughts on using VBD vs ADP for drafting? I normally use ADP and the suggested player synced to my Yahoo league. I’ve tried a few mock drafts doing both, but am still undecided which is best.

You stumped me on this one. What is value based drafting?

Do you use Fantasy Pros? They discuss it on there. Also can find on the internet. I don’t know enough about it to tell you.

There’s a quick overview of Value Based Drafting (VBD) here: What is Value Based Drafting? (Fantasy Football) | FantasyPros

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Thanks for the article.

VBD is too objective to be useful .And if you start adding variables to your calculations, you will quickly lose your objectivity.

I prefer using ADP, and here is why: You can get an idea for what will likely be going off the board before your next pick. This enables you to grab one of the players you want, instead of reaching for one 2-3 rounds before anyone else is even considering the player.

Naturally, someone will inevitably reach for a player you wanted to get, but that means they will be leaving a better value for you to grab later.