Draft Assistant: What is VBD?

What is “VBD”? What is the Pro & Con for using it?

In the Draft Assistant there’s a dropdown box that offers “Top VBD Players” choice in the ‘Suggestions’ display.

Thanks in advance, good luck to all…

“VBD” is “Value-Based Drafting.” It is based on taking the best “value” in the draft, not necessarily the best player.

For instance, Patrick Mahomes may score the most points in fantasy football this year, but you’re not going to pick him #1 overall–that would not be a draft value.

So I would suspect that if you use that filter, it will show you the best draft “values” (based on whatever projections they are using) at that point in the draft.

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Thanks! Appreciate the explanation. I am going to try a Mock Draft with that. Good luck in your Draft(s)

When I open draft wizard it does not have the keepers on the other teams. How do I sync these? I have tried resync a few times but to no success