FP Draft Simulator

Anyone else use the mock draft simulator up front?

I love it, I get A+"s and F’s depending if I try to impress or work on options. Funny part is the experts voting good and bad are all based on opinions on the same players.

No matter, I think it is great to play out different scenarios in different leagues with entirely different formats.

Anyone else play?

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I’ve posted many mock drafts I’ve done in here, for both FP and Yahoo. I use FP for my rookie drafts and Yahoo for my redraft league.

I enjoy seeing the reaction in print on different options I consider. I try to cover every which way and then add a few.

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It’s also good to occasionally re-run a draft, just to see if your views on the players have changed, as well as the ADP changing.

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I like the addition of the Draft Intel for mock drafts to add the tendencies to the teams to help draft. Sadly, it doesn’t allow you to set the draft order (yet). When knowing ahead of time what order your draft will be, setting them to their slots and mock drafting would provide huge info.

edit: with more clicking, think i found how to do it :o


Welcome aboard! And thanks for the tips!

I think it’s a decent tool for getting a sense of where players fall under different ADP and other assumptions, but I take the grading and results with a grain of salt (or two).

It’s often better practice than live mocks these days, since half or more of the people in live mocks get bored and dump out after pick 5 or so, leaving you picking against a draft bot of sorts anyway.