How Much Draft Prep Do You Do?

Our main league draft is tomorrow, the only one I care about even though I am in a few public ESPN ones.

Curious do you just wing it or come armed with research?

My wife hand writes her top 150, LOL, but I tend to come in with an idea of who I want each round and tiers in my head, but no hard stats.

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I usually have a pretty good idea of who I want to draft once free agency ends and the NFL draft takes place.

By the end of May, I’m pretty much ready to do my first Memorial Day draft, and by July it’s pretty much automatic.


Our league is funny. 5 serious people and 5 not so serious.

I take the ADP (if I can get it) and then eliminate the players I don’t want.

In the case of rookie drafts, I have to make a list of enough guys to cover 4 rounds of picks, which isn’t bad.

I started looking at the top players right after the NFL draft, for 2024. :sunglasses: :

I usually create an own player ranking. Didn’t find the time to do it this offseason, though.

I rank NFL teams in different categories (4 passing, 3 rushing) and then assign team volumes based on those rankings. Next, I distribute that team volume among the relevant skill position players.

That generates a ranking that turned out to be much more reliable over the last years than ECR / ADP would.

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