Unique Keeper Format: Jefferson or Eli Moore?

Unique Keeper Format: I can lock in Justin Jefferson as my 1st rounder (12th overall) OR I can lock in Eli Moore as my 11th rounder (121st overall). The difference from ADP heavily favors going with Moore (about a 50 ADP difference) but getting such an elite WR in Jefferson at the end of the 1st round seems to make more sense. Thoughts?

UNLESS insanity overtakes you before the draft, Jefferson may the easiest answer I have ever given anyone.

Yeah, there will be tons of late round fliers like Eli Moore to take in the, um, late rounds.

Jefferson will anchor your WR corps as a legitimate 1st round pick, then you get to turn around and take the best available RB at the turn.

Curious as to how this is a “unique keeper format,” it sounds just like every other keeper format in the universe.

Theoretically, which combo would you rather have:
Justin Jefferson and Kenny Gainwell
D’Andre Swift and Eli Moore

I too am leaning Jefferson BUT, in case you didn’t catch it, the keeper rules are not straightforward and come with a draft incentive. Players advance the number of rounds from last year’s draft round based on years they’ve been kept. I’ve used a strategy before based on maximized ADP differential but this year am thinking instead of overall ADP it makes more sense to emphasize the quality of getting Jefferson at the end of the 1st.

In this case, Jefferson would be taken 12th overall (my 1st round pick) while Moore would be slotted in the 11th round. Based purely on ADP, Jefferson presents a 5-7 pick value, Moore is about a 50 pick value.

I still think Jefferson makes the most sense but help me understand my rationale. Is it as simple as early round values make a far bigger impact on overall team success?

It’s as simple as good players win championships, not good values.

Unique in that the keeper isn’t simply added to your roster but is instead slated in a specific round. I don’t know, maybe that isn’t very unique but I wanted to clarify that it isn’t as straightforward as “pick anyone from your roster to keep for next year”. This format means 1st round picks are not eligible to be keepers next year by default (can’t draft them in Round 0 next year).

For example, we have a guy who drafted Chase in the 6th last year and gets him as a 5th round pick this year. My best options are Jefferson (2nd round last year, 1st round this year) bumping up to the 1st round, pick 12 as league winner last year and Moore bumping up from the 12th last year to the 11th round this year.

It’s pretty typical, axually. Same round picked, round picked +1, a few minor variations, but “free keepers” are the exception, rather than the rule, these days.

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Fully agree. I guess I’m accustomed to keeper leagues where all keepers are on the roster OR slated as everyone’s 1st Round pick but that’s not the way this league works. For example, Pittman will be taken in the 6th, Chase in the 5th, Kupp at the end of the 2nd and DK not until the 8th round. I’m looking at it like this: Is a Jefferson/Gainwell (someone likely available in the 11th) combo better than a Swift/Moore (ADP12 with a 6th rounder falling to the 11th) combo?

I like the theoretical Jefferson/Gainwell combo as I have more confidence Jefferson will help me win the league than Swift but their ADP difference is only 5-7 spots.

If you take someone better than Gainwell in the 11th, you’ll like the Jefferson combo even more.

Get a new league to keep the math simple and focus on football and fun, To over-complicate a simple keeper is silly. Fans don’t need or want it.