Choosing Draft Slot?

10 Team Keeper Non-PPR —

I am keeping Javonte Williams as my 6th Round Slot.

I have the choice of drafting 2nd slot in the first round which will give me the 2nd and 19th picks or I can drop all the way to 10 which would give me the wraparound 11th pick.

Couple of guys are keeping 1st rounders so drafting 10 and 11 would actually be like drafting 8th and 9th after the 10 keepers are kept. Just thinking I may like what I get at 10 and 11 vs 2 and 19.

Help?? Thoughts?

Between keepers and the late pick, I can’t imagine you could get much of an impact player at 10/11.

If you could get Henry at #2, you’d have the top-scoring fantasy football player in all scoring formats–but a particular advantage in standard-scoring leagues such as yours. Even Taylor or Najee being available there would be worth the wait for a WR to me.

Two guys are keeping 1st rounders so I really at 10 I am picking 8.

Henry is being kept also Jonathan Taylor.

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If you can get Najee, that is the play.

I think Najee will be taken 1st before I could get him at 2

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I would do it, so I can’t complain. But it might be worth the gamble to try and get him.

You saying you would 10, or stay at 2?

No, you’re really picking 10th. Just because two owners already have their picks doesn’t mean you move up–you’re just picking behind Henry, Taylor, and the other seven players who will be picked before your turn. I’d take the #2, if only Taylor and Henry are being kept as first rounders. Even if the #1 pick goes to Najee–and there’s no guarantee that it will–that still leaves a lot of good players to fall before you pick–or you can virtually have your pick of them.

I was just saying their keepers are off the board as 1st rounders, so at 10 the spot that I would pick, 10 keepers would be gone and 7 draft slots.

Fair enough, but if only 2 of the 10 keepers are first-rounders, then let me pick #2 and get Najee/Cook/Ekeler instead of picking “8th” and getting Chubb/Javonte.

I would stay at 2. At 10, you likely won’t get Najee.

I already got Javonte as the 6th Round keeper. At 10 I could maybe get a Chubb and wraparound 11 with a Kielce

Oh my bad… I thought you were trying to WIN there for a minute.

But yeah, if winning is no object, then fer sure take the late pick and use one of them on a TE. Maybe use the other on a Kicker.

Let me redo this.

You can draft #2 & 19 or @10 & 11.
JT and Henry are gone (keepers) and you think Harris will go #1.

You could pick any player other than 3 with the #19 pick
OR, you could pick the actual #10 and 11.

OK, you have to consider that the round 2 keepers are likely to make #19 a lower 3rd round value. (assumption).

Unless you love McCaffrey or Jefferson I would do the wrap, which you already want to do. :slight_smile:

That’s what I’m thinking…And thanks.

I’m guessing the following players will be kept and off board when draft starts.

Javonte Williams - My Selection (6th Round)
Henry (1st Round)
Ekeler (5th Round)
J. Taylor (1st Round)
Burrow (9th Round)
Elijah Mitchell (9th Round)
Jamar Chase (8th Round)
Dobbins (9th Round)
Kamara (2nd Round)
Kupp (5th Round)

I can’t pick 1st unless the guy that won the league drops to 10…

With 2 people keeping 1st rounders, if I drop from 2 to 10, there will be 7 selections ahead of my picks 10 and 11.

Available players when draft starts:
Najee Harris
Joe Mixon
Justin Jefferson
Davonte Adams
Deebo Samuel
Mike Evans
Christian Mcaffrey
Cedeee Lamb
Nick Chubb
Dalvin Cook
Travis Kelce

Wasn’t sure if I replied to you above but see my reply question above?