Tyler Boyd for Curtis Samuel?

Honestly not sure if I’m missing something - this seems like a great offer this week and Rest of Season.

I just picked up Curtis Samuel on waivers and this guy was the next bidder . I get it, loved what I saw from Curtis on Sunday but that was only 1 half and it’s still Wentz v. Burrow. right?

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Meh, lotta mouths to feed in Cinci, and Boyd is at a minimum 4th in the pecking order, if not 5th behind Hurst. His floor is pretty low, and his ceiling is not high.

Samuel also has a low floor–as a gadget type player, his scores will be inconsistent and sometimes invisible–but he has a much higher upside than Boyd, which we saw this past week.

I’d probably rather take my shot with Samuel, which is probly what the guy who offered you the trade is thinking.

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I think I would hold onto Boyd
and just see what u have, although Samuel is a great option. I believe in the long haul and Samuel always seems to wither away through the seasons

So you’re saying you wouldn’t have made the offer in the first place, as the owner of Boyd.

However, that kind of implies that you would make the trade if you were the OP, and that would be the wrong advice.

I am saying long run Boyd is the way I would go.

Yeah he does have a lower pecking order but the consistency of his play is where I would put my money. U may get 6 to 10 points a week outta Boyd but it’s just my opinion

In redraft, I’d go with Samuel. In dynasty, I’d go with Boyd.

In my view both are handcuffs with Boyd being in the better situation if he gets the call.

Its close but i think id consider what u need. Do u want a guy who has the big boom potential with a lengthy injury history or a guy who has a slightly lower floor and a much lower ceiling? I havr enough bpring “will get the job done” ppr guys so I’d go Samuel.

Thanks all for the input.

I did consider what I need and this would be competition for the 3rd WR or flex spot every week, and lose out if it was just the floor.

Although I don’t think the other guy has any clue, I DID pick Curtis up getting excited by all the gadget use / running plays. Made me think about what once was and could be - on the pod the called him "dollar store Deebo :rofl: I bid on him for the ceiling so I will hold him for the same.

good luck today

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