Tuff Choices in Final Game

Ekeler vs Swift

Herbert vs Goff

Chase vs Olave

Kincaid vs Ferguson

All choices I have to make in fighting for a bye.

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I’m leaning to Herbert, Chase, Ferguson and undecided.

I don’t have tough choices. I’m 8-5 heading into the last reg. season week and can’t move out of my #2 seeding, regardless of the outcome.

I’m 8-5, 8-5, and 9-4 in 3rd, 2nd and 2nd with high points in all three.
There can be a little movement up or down in all three leagues.

They have been really competitive.

Final choice- Ekeler, herbert, Chase and Kincaid.

Man did you dodge a bullet on that Goff pick. :grimacing:

The Herbert injury did not matter. I got my ass kicked by 30 with Debo and Mixon going off for 50.

All stayed the same with being 2nd, 2nd and 3rd. I get a bye and in a crazy playoff where the final 4 play your team twice and then twice again to finish at week 18.

For my game this week, I lost Herbert, likely Hill, Chase has no QB, Andrews already gone and we’re off!

Time for smoke and mirrors. lol

This week:

Chase vs Olave

Ekeler vs Swift.

With Herbert gone for the year and out of the playoffs I have to wonder if the Chargers won’t shut down Ekeler and K Allen and look to get one more year out of both.

All 4 of the above have good match ups.

Allen is Out and I’m not playing Ekeler if I have any other choice.

With other questions he is my best choice.

Damn, disappointing as I thought it would be. I’m coming into the playoffs with the Walking Wounded.

In my redraft I lost Herbert, K Allen, Nico and Watson (reserve) but added D Johnson and Ty Chandler who both did very well.

In the other keeper Herbert, Ekeler, Chase, Hill, Etienne and Olave (top reserve) are all having problems.
That’s 5 of 7 starters with a top sub. I also did not trust Goff who went off for 30.

Then there’s my Dolphins. I’ve heard the old joke often since Monday.
I’m going to have 6 Dolphins players as my pallbearers to let me down one last time.