Trust D. WATSON QB for week 13

Anybody starting him in non ppr league @ HOU this week ?
Thoughts ?


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The only league where I had Watson, I traded him away before the season. I don’t trust the Browns to utilize him correctly. Remember, they are a run-first team. Unless they turn him into a Jackson/Allen/Hurts/Fields style of QB, I’m not sure what value he’ll have.

Admittedly, Houston is a juicy matchup, and if you don’t have a better option at QB, you could do worse than to take a shot at Watson. Just don’t expect the moon.

I started him in a league. How many QBs are better?

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Josh Allen, Jalen Hurts, Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes, Tua Tagovaloa, Justin Fields, just to name a few.

Keep in mind, Watson hasn’t played football in 2 years. There could be some rust, and that doesn’t even mention the fact he’s in a new offensive system.

Everyone not named Rip Van Winkle knows that. :slight_smile:

In having CBS and PFF analysts talk of this all agreed that Watson is a top 12 QB this week. I agreed then and now.

He may well flop or be great. Who knows? Same as with any player.

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